Back to our roots: Why sport is at the core of the Enetpulse identity

With a completely updated visual and voice identity, Enetpulse is aiming to bring even more excitement back into the sports data solutions they provide to the worldwide market. But what does this new sports vibe actually show?

Well, it’s an acknowledgement of what the core of sports data is, according to Enetpulse. 

In a conversation with SBC News, Simon Skarsholm – Managing Director of Enetpulse – disclosed that Enetpulse is seeking ‘ back to its roots’ by placing sports at the front and centre of its offering. 

By launching a new website and visual identity, Skarsholm explained that the well-known sports data provider with more than 20 years on the market, wants to show that sports forms the core part of the Enetpulse culture. 

“We like to say that most people have a favourite sport, while we at Enetpulse have 80+ favourite sports.”

“Our new identity has been long under way, but the question we have asked ourselves has been: How do we find back to the core of our sports universe? How do we remember what made Enetpulse the company it is today?

“We like to say that most people have a favourite sport, while we at Enetpulse have 80+ favourite sports. We are highly competitive in major sports like Football, Golf, Tennis and Basketball. But we are also always reliable with the more ‘niche’ markets sports, whether we are talking about Summer or Winter Olympics. 

“The game is always on, and the world of sports never sleeps, so neither do we. And that is so integrated in our culture. So for us it is about showing what we come from – The world of sports. It’s blood, sweat, tears and endless sports data, and we believe that emphasising this passion will only make our product even better and more competitive.”

Right time to rethink: The core in the spotlight

So why is now the right time to refresh Enetpulse’s visual identity? The answer lies in the pioneer sports data provider’s experiences throughout the pandemic, including changes in the way Enetpulse interacts with its clients. 

“While lockdowns have been a threat to our industry, we’ve also seen how extremely powerful the world of sports can be. From our point of view, there is no time better than now to put the important part back in the spotlight.”

Yesterday is always the right time to renew and rethink – however, it’s no secret that the times have been difficult during and post COVID-19,” Skarsholm told SBC.

Since the pandemic, Enetpulse’s priorities have shifted towards the creation of quality solutions for the major events throughout summer 2021 – more specifically, the postponed Euro 2020 and the Tokyo Olympics. Skarsholm explained that the shift in focus has proven valuable, in terms of reflecting on Enetpulse’s updated identity. 

He noted that the sports data provider has also used this period of time to better develop its solutions for the upcoming sports calendar, including the coming Winter Olympics, next year’s FIFA World Cup as well as the annual big leagues and tournaments.

Unveiling this rethought identity, Skarsholm believes, will undoubtedly affect the relationships with clients – however, he is confident that its impact will be overwhelmingly positive.

He elaborated: “We obviously expect it to have a positive impact. Isolated, it’s not a goal to improve relationships with our clients via a visual identity – however, we are sure it will state even stronger who we are, where we come from and the value we are able to create for our partners.

“We can never say for sure how we position ourselves on the market – the customers are to judge, but the aim is to showcase how our passion for sports reflects in our products and level of service. 

“Those words can’t stand alone, so we have an important task in front of us; To show that the Pulse is alive, not only in our logo and wording, but most importantly in our sports data solutions.”

Technology and sport are each other’s best buddies – We let them team up

By placing sports back at the centre of its business, Enetpulse hopes to emphasise its core vision of “taking sports coverage to the next level” – something which Skarsholm believes will help the company to stand out in an increasingly complex market.

“Our updated identity doesn’t change who we are – rather the opposite,” he continued. “It is supposed to show even clearer how sport is our product, while data and technology are the means and tools to succeed.”

Boasting a network of more than 200 clients across all corners of the globe, Enetpulse is confident that going back to its sports-first roots will help strengthen the already-strong partner relationships.

In addition, Skarsholm disclosed that a refreshed identity will elevate Enetpulse’s plans to making sure that the sports data supplier stands out in what is becoming an increasingly complex industry.

Technology is just as essential for our business as always – and even more due to the fact that the client’s requirements only increase these years.”

Skarsholm shared: “Enetpulse is still Enetpulse, but the refreshed identity symbolises the next step in our sports data journey. We acknowledge that the exciting element of sports data is within the sports part, which we would like to emphasise more. It’s as simple as that. 

“We are putting in the spotlight something already existing, but from time to time it is also easy to forget behind all the important technology.”

Technology will continue to play an integral role in meeting the requirements of Enetpulse’s clients across the world – especially at a time when the demand for sports data is increasing.

“Technology is just as essential for our business as always – and even more due to the fact that the client’s requirements only increase these years. It’s common knowledge that technology has been fundamental when it comes to maintaining strong relationships – this has obviously been very apparent over the last 18 months in particular.” Skarsholm explained.

Skarsholm affirmed that without the existing focus on technology, Enetpulse could not deliver the stand-out services which remain at the core of its business.

He concluded: “When you’re good at something, and really have passion for it, why not show it? We don’t neglect any other parts of our business: We feel confident enough to express our in-depth knowledge within sports. Our updated identity allows us to do exactly that.

“Besides that, our new identity is also a question about culture. We cannot express our passion for sports with reliability unless we also follow it internally, which is what we will do.”

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