beBettor launches new ‘V-Check’ Financial Vulnerability Check in response to latest UKGC guidance

In response to the UKGC’s latest Customer Interaction Consultation Update, the new beBettor ‘V-Check’ assesses customer’s Financial Vulnerability, enabling operators to identify potential risk earlier in the customer journey.

To help operators stay ahead of changing affordability regulation, independent UK technology and data science company beBettor has developed a new check designed to take place earlier in operator workflows that can flag potentially financially vulnerable customers.

Chris Lee, Head of Marketing at beBettor, said of the launch: “At beBettor, we’re constantly innovating our technology, empowering operators to give customers the best experience possible, whilst keeping them safe from harm. Today is no different, and we’re excited to go to market with our new Financial Vulnerability Check (or “V-Check” for short).”

The beBettor V-Check is built on the company’s flagship affordability algorithm which uses customer and Open Government Data (OGD) to instantly assess the financial vulnerability and affordability of any UK resident. 

The V-Check screens for insolvency, low income social housing and relative income risk and the results are returned to operators in real-time via the beBettor API (application), which can be implemented anywhere in the operator’s current platform(s) and workflows. 

“We know assessing customer affordability can be challenging and resource heavy,” Lee explained: “One of the great things about both our Affordability Checks, and V-Checks is that operators can combine the results with powerful automations to unlock huge compliance efficiencies as well as responsible customer experiences tailored to each individual. 

“We have clients who are saving hundreds of hours a month just by using the beBettor API as part of their automated workflows. V-Check, similar to our existing Affordability Check, is completely frictionless, helping UK licensed operators combat problem gambling, meet evolving standards of regulatory compliance and continue to deliver outstanding customer experiences.”

The new Financial Vulnerability Check (‘V-Check’) is live and available for use today via the beBettor API. For more information, click here, or arrange a meeting with beBettor at next week’s SBC Summit Barcelona via this link.

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