Coingaming rebrands to Yolo Group to better define its multi-business identity  

Coingaming Group, the operating company of cryptocurrency gambling brands and BitCasino, has formally changed its business identity to Yolo Group. 

The rebrand to Yolo Group has been undertaken to better reflect the business’ diverse units operating in online gambling, fintech, IT and venture capital funding investing in new crypto technologies to disrupt traditional business marketplaces.

Moving forward, Yolo Group will operate five business segments with the properties of and BitCasino held under the ‘Yolo Entertainment’ domain, supported by ‘Yolo Investments’ as the group’s focused igaming investment arm.

The group’s fintech and blockchain units will be held under the ‘Yolo Finance’ segment, carrying the support of ‘Yolo Ventures’ covering strategic partnerships on a B2B scale.

Yolo Group will be powered by its proprietary IT unit and engineering teams, which will be housed under the ‘Yolo Tech’ label.

Backing the changes, Group CEO Maarja Pärt underlined that the rebrand was required to reflect the business’ fast growth status across multiple sectors, in which 600 Yoloers are currently employed.

“I’m both excited and proud to announce that we are rebranding to Yolo Group with a new identity for a company always looking to the future. The Coingaming brand served us well for many years, but as disruptors in industries beyond gaming, we felt Yolo Group better represented our people, our business and our vision.” Pärt commented.

“Yolo Group is about bringing next-level innovation to gaming, fintech, blockchain and many more sectors, all the while ensuring our customers are kept at the centre of the universe. You only live once and that’s why we don’t settle for anything less.” 

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