Donnalisa Buhagiar: Harnessing the power of automation with GiG Logic

In the online gaming industry, automation is now more important than ever, writes Donnalisa Buhagiar (pictured below), who explains how Gaming Innovation Group’s Logic product is helping operators gain an edge over their competitors.

For many, the term ‘Process Automation’ can seem like a daunting concept, however,  automated technology has been around for a long time. You might not realise it but it has formed a huge part of our daily personal and business lives for many years, from supply chain automation to factory robotics that automates manufacturing lines. 

The future of automation has the power to drastically transform the way any business works by helping to improve customer experience by offering real-time actioned events that create a powerful competitive advantage. 

In the online gaming industry, automation is now more important than ever, particularly when it comes to improving player experience and creating a safer playing environment. As more markets become regulated, operators have to work towards ensuring that they comply with new rules and regulations which are continuously being introduced by the regulators. These regulatory updates, combined with an excelled digital dependence is set to fuel huge growth throughout 2022 for the online gaming industry. With this comes increased overheads to keep up with the competition, and a heightened need to improve customer experience and satisfaction to create a more sustainable gaming experience.

The Logic approach

At GiG, our real-time rules engine Logic was built to empower operators to react to changes in regulation as fast as possible, by building their own tailormade rules without having the need to engage with software engineers. Instead, GiG Logic can be used to instruct other products within GiG’s portfolio to perform custom events using its intuitive frontend. This not only gives our partners control of their customisations, but it also increases their time to market – an invaluable asset within this fast-paced changing industry. In essence, Logic helps to speed up business processes and helps to ensure that operators avoid common problems when communicating requirements to external resources. This is something that generally involves lengthy discussions, leading to misaligned teams, which results in a number of miscommunications. 

Essentially, Logic allows operators to take better control of their operations and enables them to scale up their business by advancing and improving their workforce skillset. 

One of the main features of GiG Logic is to allow operators to interact with vital real-time events such as detecting abnormal playing behaviour.

Automating a safer player environment

Responsible gaming is one of the most important aspects of the gaming industry, whether operators or suppliers, it’s our job to ensure that we are placing responsible gaming at the heart of everything we do. Process automation is now set to play a large part in allowing operators to overcome operational challenges by ensuring that they are creating a more sustainable environment for players. GiG’s real-time rules engine enables operators to easily create rules by allowing them to configure behavioural patterns that trigger a chain of actions to help overcome specific problems. Some of these problems include monitoring, detecting and proactively engaging with problematic gambling behaviours, which helps you to stay ahead of the curve to provide a Responsible Gambling environment in accordance with the regulatory market.  In addition, at GiG, we strive to empower our partners to provide a tailored customer experience that aims to keep the players safe.

When processes are carried out automatically, we are given the opportunity to perform real-time events. This gives us the advantage to mould our features to provide users with a better experience by reacting instantly to each of their executed actions. Real-time interactions increase the product’s ability to enable us to engage with our customers where and when it matters the most, by allowing us to provide a detailed reaction to every user action.

Improving the Bonus system 

As an operator, if you want to gain a competitive advantage, offering bonuses should be a vital part of your overall strategy if you want to increase player engagement and build a loyal customer base. The process of automating bonuses allows you to send a bonus or reward to a particular player when they are in the heart of the gameplay, essentially connecting with the player at the right moment.  

GiG Logic is able to detect new customer registrations automatically and can be configured to send a welcome bonus to the player in real-time as they register. To achieve this, our partners are able to use building blocks that send direct messages to their players via on-screen messages or emails.

Let’s look at an example of how this works, say that a player places a sports bet and its outcome is to be determined within the next few hours. In the case that the player is not online when the result is given, GiG Logic will automatically detect the player’s win or loss and send the player an automated email to communicate the outcome to them, which ultimately enhances the player experience, giving the operator a bespoke competitive advantage.

The number of configuration possibilities that GiG Logic provides to our partners is endless, and in the end, it is up to our partners’ creative skills to develop their own customised functionality in order to attain a competitive advantage.

GiG Logic provides users with flexibility, and its potential is limited by our partners’ imagination and the functionality that is provided by its integrated products. Nevertheless, we are closely working with highly talented individuals at GiG to allow GiG Logic to become even more intuitive for operators to use and to improve our already existing integrations with GiG’s product portfolio to be able to allow our customers to have further flexibility when building their own customisations.

Overall automation will provide you with a competitive advantage that needs to be nurtured constantly by continuously adapting and evolving your strategy. Your automation processes then need to be revised to mirror your changes within your strategy. The key to keeping ahead of the curve is to surround yourself with talented individuals whilst making use of the best tools to help you perform your adaptations quickly and successfully.

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