Betbazar announces rebrand and new efootball focus

Betbazar has announced a rebranding of its corporate identity in order to highlight its ‘core values’ and build on trends observed during the UEFA 2020 European Championship and 2021 Copa America tournaments.

The rebrand has seen the company – which seeks to capitalise on an ‘outstanding period of growth’ – introduce a new logo with ‘eye-catching bright strip’ in order to reflect its ‘record-breaking’ success across global markets in 2021.

“Betbazar has come a long way in a very short space of time,” said Alex Iaroshenko, Betbazar CEO. “We identified that the industry needed a sales house that could recognise different companies’ potential and connect them to their mutual benefit and that has taken off on an unprecedented scale.

“So much so, that we needed to update our look to reflect our place in the industry. This look conveys the bold and reliable company that we have become, and we look forward to carrying our fantastic momentum in 2022.”

Moving forward, Betbazar will focus its rebrand on promoting its core values of ‘speed, innovation and the search for best-in-market partners’ whilst also identifying a rising demand for efootball – particularly during the Euro 2020 and Copa America competitions earlier this year – and predicts this trend to continue with significant cross-selling opportunities.

In addition to conducting its rebranding efforts, Betbazar has detailed plans to continue leveraging efootball products due to ‘significant synergy’ between the vertical and traditional real-world football, with the expectation of a ‘hugely successful surge in revenue and engagement’ for both itself and its operator partners. 

Speaking to SBC earlier this year, Iaroshenko described efootball as an ‘ideal vertical for operators looking to scale up their offering’ and pointed to a surge in the number of bettors among both active followers of efootball and casual bettors.

Explaining Betbazar’s future plans for the leveraging of efootball, the CEO remarked: “The performance we’ve seen via mobile – and indeed the social element the vertical offers given its mass-familiarity – is likely to continue to be a strong growth area as the world begins to return to normal again. 

“Streaming, and indeed live matches are going to be a key part of our approach for the coming months. Efootball’s key selling point is the live nature of the action and the immediacy of games – and this is what will continue to drive its popularity.”

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