EGBA calls for greater cross-border cooperation to avoid strict regulation

Following two years of changing, and in some cases tightening, regulations across Europe, the continent’s transnational gaming association has reiterated its calls for greater cross-border collaboration. 

In a blog post, the European Gaming and Betting Association’s (EGBA) Secretary General, Maarten Haijer, stated that the industry needs to adopt a ‘stronger culture of responsibility and cooperation’ for better representation. 

Haijer issued a warning to European betting incumbents on the possibility of stricter regulation, arguing that should the industry fail to pursue sustainability and responsibility, ‘society will respond’.

“As companies and associations, we all need to work closer together towards a stronger culture of responsibility and cooperation so that the industry is better organised and represented,” he explained.

“Because there are way too many operators that sit on the periphery of our sector, don’t contribute to the representation of the sector, and choose not to participate in trade associations like EGBA.”

Operators can commit to responsibility in several key ways, EGBA added, such as joining a trade association for better representation, investing in relationships with both wider stakeholders and critics of the gambling sector, and maintaining transparency. 

In addition to this, Haijer stated that firms should assist with development of and subsequently, apply industry codes of conduct and remain engaged with political and regulatory leadership to identify issues and solutions.

This is not the first time EGBA has emphasised the benefits of multinational knowledge sharing. The association had previously recommended that Irish legislators look to other EU states as guidance for the re-regulation of the country’s betting oversight. 

“Many of the challenges faced by the sector are common and cross-border in nature and that is why greater cooperation between companies and associations is so important,” Haijer continued. 

“Enhanced cooperation, particularly around safer gambling, can help industry actors to share information, learnings, and best practices about self-regulatory initiatives that work well, and those that don’t, and create a more supportive ecosystem to amplify the industry voice.”

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