Entain: Lionesses roaring success translating to the betting slip

Bettor engagement with the UEFA Women’s Euros is at an all time high according to Entain, which has detailed record bets placed online, particularly in the UK.

The international betting and gaming group has taken over 1.5 million online betting slips on the UEFA Women’s Euro 2022, with bettor engagement apparently strongest in the UK, where England is the host nation.

Additionally, the on-pitch success of the England women’s team has played a major factor in increased punter interest in women’s football, as takings at Entain’s Ladbrokes and Coral UK holdings rose fivefold on the 2017 event.

Additionally, the Lionesses string of victories also appears to have affected the gender balance of betting – Entain revealed that 14% of wagers on the tournament were placed by women.

Although still a smaller margin than male punters, this represents a sixfold increase from the last tournament, as well as following on from year on-year increases in bets from women punters of 79% and 212% on the 2021/22 UEFA Women’s Champions League and FA Women’s FA Cup.

Julie Doleman, Managing Director UK & Ireland Digital at Entain, said: “Women’s football has seen a phenomenal rise in popularity in recent years, generating an incredible buzz for the sport. 

“This has also been reflected in betting activity on women’s football matches, which has grown at similarly seismic rates – particularly amongst female customers.”

Sports fans have already shown considerable interest in this year’s women’s Euro, both in terms of record attendances, retail consumption and TV viewership, so it is somewhat unsurprising that this engagement has shifted into wagering.

For Entain, UK football followers in the country have been the biggest punters on Euro 2022, with 46% of online bets coming from the country. Britain was followed by Germany at 22% and, despite not competing in the tournament, Brazil at 16%.

Patriotism has also clearly played a big role in influencing Entain’s customers’ wagering habits, with 60% of both English and German bettors backing their respective national teams. 

Looking ahead, Entain – like other observers – doesn’t see interest in women’s football going anywhere after the series concludes with Engand taking on Germany at Wembley stadium this weekend. 

The group noted the increase in wagering during the Euros is indicative of a longer running trend which saw 61% more bets on the aforementioned 2021/22 Women’s UEFA Champions League and 130% more on the 2021/22 Women’s FA Cup than either tournament the year prior.

“At Entain, we are perfectly placed with our bench-strength of global sporting brands to offer our fans exciting experiences and get them close to the action,” Doleman added.

“With the FIFA Women’s World Cup taking place next year, we’re really excited to see what lies ahead for the sport.”

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