EveryMatrix takes a stand against deforestation of the Carpathian Mountains 

EveryMatrix has become a patron of the Foundation Conservation Carpathia, helping the environmental non-profit protect the Carpathian Mountains against deforestation and to create a wilderness reserve located in Romania. 

Announcing its latest CSR commitment, EveryMatrix has donated €50,000 to the Foundation, which leads the environmental restoration and wildlife protection of the Carpathian Mountains – Europe’s second-largest mountain range covering the seven countries of Czech Rep, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Ukraine, Serbia and Romania.

In 2005, Romania resituated many formerly nationalised forests to private owners, leading to massive deforestation across the Carpathian region.

“Romania has lost thousands of hectares of Carpathian forests, which poses a severe threat to the integrity of the ecosystem,” EveryMatrix stated..

 Established in 2009 by a group of 12 philanthropists and conservationists, Foundation Conservation Carpathia’s mission is to return land ownership to the state in the form of a National Park.

Through its dedicated efforts, the foundation aims to acquire land and stop illegal logging and deforestation, thereby helping to preserve the Carpathian’s wildlife, ecosystem and habitat for future generations.

 “The current situation in Romania saddens me because we’re rapidly losing the very ground and wilderness that nurtured us. My native Denmark has a European record low areas of undisturbed nature left,” commented Ebbe Groes, Group CEO of EveryMatrix.

“Let’s not repeat that mistake with the wonderful wilderness of Romania! The Carpathia European Wilderness Reserve’s ongoing battle is a step in the right direction which EveryMatrix is happy to support actively with financial funds and knowledge transfer.”


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