Gal Ehrlich, BETER: Fast betting content is complementary to traditional sports and esports events

2020 was a tipping point for the fast-betting and commercial sports performance in the absence of a regular sports schedule due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite seeing strong rates of growth throughout the pandemic, fast betting within the esports sector has continued to grow throughout 2021 as highlighted by Gal Ehrlich, CEO of BETER.

Giving a presentation at the recent SBC Summit CIS, Ehrlich shared his views that fast betting within esports has already cemented itself as a means of “alternative conversion” for sports bettors.

He explained that by creating “more interesting, more natural” markets, alongside events which take place 24/7, BETER is helping its network of partners to increase both betting frequency and turnover.

Ehrlich told delegates: “For many years, the classical paradigm of the betting industry was to acquire sports betting players and convert them to Casino to benefit high turnover with sustainable margins. What we are proposing with our fast-betting products is an alternative conversion journey for sports betting players providing operators with the same benefits of high turnover and sustainable margins, while keeping players in their natural sport ecosystem.

“By shifting players towards the fast-betting space, they can have access to events 24/7. At BETER, we provide streams, data and traded odds for more than 30,000 fast sports and esports events per month. This content is very much guaranteed from month to month.”

The presentation soon turned towards two characteristics of fast betting and commercial esports tournaments: it’s stickiness with the younger generation of bettors, and how fast betting can be complementary to an operator’s sports betting offering.

According to the BETER CEO, a growing number of younger bettors have been shifting from traditional sports to esports markets, and from regular betting markets to fast betting. He argued that this trend cannot be ignored, as younger, tech-savvy bettors are playing an increasingly important role in the betting industry.

“This new generation of bettors is becoming more and more significant. Over the years, we have seen their influence grow, and that has become clear with the growth of fast betting which is driving more and more revenue.”

Ehrlich explained that throughout Euro 2021, BETER witnessed “massive growth” in its fast-betting events during the tournament, highlighting the synergies between fast betting and traditional sports betting. 

“Another very interesting thing we see in fast betting is that it doesn’t compete with regular sports; in fact, it’s a complementary service and form of entertainment. We saw this very much throughout Euro 2020 and major esports tournaments.

“Players could be watching a game, let’s use the Italy vs England final as an example. They would be gathered in a group, watching the game, and socializing. They have the exact same game in BETER’s fast sports. So, they can already place their bets and have the excitement of the game. With this preliminary offering, we’re delivering a fast-winning offer. We saw great synergies between the two.”

To watch the full presentation, click HERE.

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