Kiron launches iGOAL instant win football title

Kiron Interactive has announced the release of its latest virtual sports betting game iGOAL, which will be distributed across all global markets where the firm has a presence.

The developer predicts that the new product will take virtual sports wagering ‘to the next level’, whilst also ‘setting new industry standards’.

Designed using 3D animation, betting algorithms and with a focus on online play, iGOAL features on-demand, 24/7 matches allowing players to bet on single or multiple games with instantly viewable winnings. 

“iGOAL is an innovative game that we’re excited to launch with our partners globally,” remarked Jason Pretorius, Co-CEO of Kiron.

“It takes inspiration from many of our proven, high-performing products with its realism, engagement and flexibility for both players and operators and takes virtual betting to the next level.

“We’re incredibly fortunate to have the talented team that we do at Kiron to develop products like this and we’re eager to see players begin to enjoy the contemporary, instant win experience that iGOAL provides.”

Additionally, Kiron has incorporated a user interface into the product compatible with a range of bet market selections such as quick wagering options, designed to fit into the gameplay alongside live commentary. 

The game has also been developed to work across ‘all major browsers’ whilst supporting a ‘wide selection’ of languages and currencies. 

Speaking to SBC News ahead of Betting on Sports Europe (BOSE) earlier this month, Kiron Co-CEO Steven Spartinos discussed demand for ‘fast-paced, high-frequency play’ products among Gen Z and Millennial consumers. 

“Virtual sports content fits that bill perfectly. It appeals to a cross-section of demographics, offering more traditional betting markets, but with a modern presentation and turnaround,” he said.

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