GambleAware launches PhD funding scheme for UK academic institutions

GambleAware has moved to bolster its academic and research capacities, launching its new directive to fund three-year PhD studentships across UK universities and scientific intuitions.    

Ahead of the start 2021/2022 academic year, GambleAware will allow institutions to apply for funding of six grants to be awarded to PhD students researching priority areas required by the problem gambling research, education and treatment (RET) charity.  

Each academic institution may apply for no more than two PhD studentship grants to award on to selected PhD students. The final deadline for grant submission will be on 20 September

GambleAware will award the institutions that showcase the most impactful PhD programmes to produce ground-breaking research on the vital areas of:-

  • The lived experience of communities impacted by gambling harms
  • Examining women, minority communities, young people and their relationships with gambling and gambling harms
  • Providing gambling harm research on ‘secluded communities’, including those in the military, those living with disabilities, minority sexualities and gender identities.

The development of GambleAware’s PhD scheme was outlined as a major directive of the charity, helping it uphold its duties as the grant-making organisation for UK-wide problem gambling support and treatment programmes.  

“This PhD grant award will go directly to universities and will help build a detailed knowledge of the experience of gambling harm within specific communities,” said Alison Clare, Research Director (Interim) at GambleAware.

“It will also provide a unique opportunity for PhD students, who are at the start of their careers, to develop an expertise in an emerging field.

“They will have the chance to complete a thorough, in-depth piece of research over several years which will contribute to building the knowledge and evidence of lived experiences of gambling harms.”

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