GambleAware: NGTS campaign hits record engagement with target audience

GambleAware cites continued progress on its objective of raising awareness of the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS), amongst the primary target audience of high-risk male gamblers – PGSI 8+.

The gambling harm RET charity headline campaign has secured engagement amongst 74% of high-risk male gamblers in August 2021, and 79% amongst affected others. 

Positive feedback saw increasing numbers of high-risk gamblers agree that they would contact NGTS as a first step concerning their gambling habits – with results tracking 60% in August 2021, up from 47% in May 2020. 

Audiences’ improved response has seen GambleAware register an increase in calls to the NGTS’ ‘National Gambling Helpline’ up 41% in the past two years. 

GambleAware’s headline campaign was up-weighted across London and the Midlands, as research revealed the regions to have the highest rates of high-risk players.

Zoë Osmond, CEO of GambleAware said: “The National Gambling Treatment Service brings together a network of organisations across Great Britain that provides free confidential treatment and support for anyone experiencing gambling harms.

“It is heartening to see that this campaign is helping to signpost more people to treatment for gambling harms, and also working to drive greater awareness of the provision of treatment services.”

Last week, GambleAware published its H1 2021 donations, which saw the charity secure £10.6 million in donations and RET pledge commitments.

Industry donations to GambleAware will help expand the charity’s headline directives of maintaining the National Gambling Treatment Service, the Gambling Education Hub, Annual Great Britain Treatment & Support Survey and prevention and awareness campaigns.

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