GamCare launches campus focused Big Deal campaign 

GamCare has launched it’s Big Deal’ campaign, advising university students of the risks of problem gambling and the support networks available to help those concerned with gambling harms. 

Big Deal has been launched as university students return to campus, following the disruption of 2020 and 2021’s COVID-19’s lockdown on student life.

The youth campaign has been designed on the recommendations of lived experience feedback, in which former victims experienced gambling harms during their time at university.

During September’s freshers week, GamCare launched a campus-focused campaign, warning students of signs of impulsive gambling behaviours.

The treatment support charity underlined the importance of targeting young people at the transitional ages of 18-to-21 to, before gambling habits are normalised.   

“During this time of transition many young people are entering environments where gambling can be the norm – but there’s a lack of knowledge on how to recognise gambling harm or know where to turn to for support,” said Alexa Roseblade, Senior Programme Manager at GamCare. 

She added: “There are many key drivers that contribute to this issue amongst students – having more time, personal independence and financial freedom with easy access to overdrafts and loans can encourage increased gambling behaviours. We launched BigDeal , a website to inform young people of the support on hand and importantly reassure them they are not alone.”

This autumn, GamCare will further the development of its Big Deal campaign by working with the Young Adult Advisory Board to raise awareness of gambling-related harms facing those aged 18 to 25 and to support them with specialised resources. 

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