SBC Webinars to address how Malta can protect its gaming reputation

On the 25th of June 2021, Malta was placed on the greylist by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the Paris-based, global AML and anti terrorist financing unit of the G7.

The EU member state has previously faced international criticism regarding issues such as the Panama Papers scandal, which saw Maltese government figures implicated in establishing offshore companies encountered little legal action, as well as controversy surrounding the sale of national passports.

Although the decision saw little-to-no immediate impact on the island’s ratings or those of its domestic rated banks, according to Fitch Ratings, it exposes structural weaknesses in Malta’s AML infrastructure, but will inevitably lead to organisations growing concerned about their reputation.

With Malta set to ramp-up their defences against money laundering and financial crime, the gaming industry must brace for the impact. What will the future hold? And can Malta salvage its reputation?

To attempt to answer these questions, SBC Webinars are presenting ‘Greylisted – Protecting Malta’s Gaming Reputation’ on Monday the 9th of August at 16:45 CEST / 15:45 BST.

Join our panel of Enrico Bradamente (CEO, Maverick Slots), James Scicluna (Co-Managing Partner, WH Partners) and Yanica Sant (General Counsel, Malta Gaming Authority), together with moderator Joe Streeter (Editor, PaymentExpert) will attempt to get to the bottom of these issues, and answer questions such as:

  • Exactly what are the implications of the greylisting?
  • Now that Malta have addressed many of the issues laid out by FATF, what’s next? And what else can they do to get back on the whitelist?
  • What impact has the lack of enforcement from regulatory bodies played?
  • How can it affect gaming companies, and what can they do to protect themselves?
  • How likely is this move to lead to black market gambling?
  • And what is the likely damage to the overall economic environment of the island, and the industry?

You can register for the webinar for free by clicking here. If you’re unable to make the live session, the webinar will be available on-demand immediately after the session is over.

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