Nevada Slot Machines are Gaining Popularity

At one point the Nevada slot machines were not as popular as they are today in Nevada and one of the main reasons behind it was the recession that had hit the United States and crippled the economy.

The Nevada slot machines had an uncertain future and the table games were more popular but since then popularity for the slots increased due to the entertainment value of these and the emergence of Slot-2 and Slot-3 machines.

“Slot Machines are now easier to play and understand, they are becoming popular each passing day and the online boom of the casinos have played a vital role in this,” said Jarvis Ronald, a long-time casino player and very famous in Nevada.

Slot machines produced $8.5 billion in 2007 in the state of Nevada in winning, but by 2010 it dropped to only $6.6 billion, down almost 20 percent. Table gaming and sports betting had fallen by less, in the same three-year span, from 4.2 to 3.6 billion dollars.

The table games came back stronger from this hit and they were back to normalcy by 2013 but the slots weren’t regaining their popularity and the reason behind that was that people had a notion that the table games have a higher probability of winning in comparison to the slots.

But if we ignore these turbulent times for the Nevada slot machine, we see an interesting fact. Since 2004, 61 to 68% of the state’s total yearly gaming wins have been slot machines. In the last decade, the slots have grown more than the table games.

General Casino Trend

The strip casinos after the great recession was ending saw an interesting turn of events. The strip casinos in the state of Nevada gave the slot machines their name but after 2010 the Nevada slot machine started to generate less revenue than the table games. The reason behind this was primarily the popularity and the general notion of more chances of winning by playing the table games but there was a secondary reason, the strip casinos did this intentionally.

The Strip Casinos definitely walked off casinos post the great recession, concentrating its efforts instead on conferences and group business trips, fine dining, and entertainment as the strip moved from its high-profile casino past to that of a genuinely worldwide tourism destination.

The strip casinos abandoned their support to games like the Nevada slot machines and focused more on trying to sell rooms or in other words, they started to act more like resorts than a destination where people would gamble.

But outside these strip casinos, there is a different world and the locals are still fond of gambling and the slot machines is popular there despite being ditched by the strips.

The Numbers Back Slots

According to Nevada Gaming Control Board figures, between July 1st, 2020 and June 30, 2021 slots represented 85 percent of the total Clark County gaming gain outside the Strip region.

In June, Slots produced a monthly all-time record $890 million in gaming winning income across Nevada which was not only 140% more than the restriction-heavy COVID-19 of June 2020, but also 39.4% greater than that of the pre-pandemic of June 2019.

Slots are very popular because the pay-out is highest and the probability is on your side in contrast to the other games like the table games. Secondly, you don’t need much skill to be able to get hold of the slot machines and their dynamics.

More and more players are turning to more risky and rewarded slots as they are sure because of the volatile nature of games post-pandemic and the recession generally, that the reward is there waiting for them somewhere. Slot booths continue to expand in height, some up to 15 meters high with huge, 110 plus inch curved panels of the highest resolution possible, which provide players a personal experience in film theatre from the casino floor.

The Overall Trend

The entertainment factor is very important in today’s day and age for the casinos and the gambling industry. The players are concerned about regulating their costs with respect to the value in entertainment a game provides.

You now have two avenues, one is the online casinos that you play from the comfort of your homes, and the other one is playing in a physical environment. The casino industry needs to balance it out, to attract players physically and also not to lose the fanbase that they have accumulated online, this is the reason that the dynamics after the pandemic will be very different than what we saw and were used to before it hit us.

So the reason new saw a surge in the popularity of the slots was that it has a higher entertainment value both physically and on the world wide web. The personalized experience in the booths and the ease of use online has given the slots a new life and they are back at the top again and sooner or later the strip casinos will kick themselves for abandoning the slots.


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