Martina Åkerlund, Triggy: Changing digital consumption and US expansion

Triggy will strengthen its presence within the US market in 2022, the company’s CEO Martina Åkerlund told SBC, as it continues to expand its global footprint.

During the SBC Summit North America event, Åkerlund was joined by Triggy’s Chief Operations Officer Fredrik Fröst to deliver a presentation looking at the future of sports betting consumption and how this will impact betting behaviours. 

The duo delved into the importance of delivering insightful, accurate content to bettors at a time when in-play betting and mobile technology are becoming increasingly popular.

In a post-presentation interview, Åkerlund offered some insight on Triggy’s recent US partnership with Venuetize.

She said: “We’re expanding into the US. We’re going live with our first American product, integrating a betting solution into the Memphis Grizzlies app which we are super excited about. This has been done in partnership with a company called Venuetize.

“Venuetize is delivering apps to around 50 different sports teams. So in their app as a fan, you can buy tickets, you can read about the team and find further information. We think that integrating our betting solution will be a great combination – information, convenient and easy to use betting.”

Åkerlund also shed light on some of the key takeaways of her presentation, highlighting that sports betting faces an ongoing battle to ‘keep up’ with the changing digital standards introduced by the big technology brands.

She said: “I think one of the key takeaways is that we have to look at media consumption across many different industries. We have so many global brands and we can see a shift in the way that people are consuming information. For example, we tend to watch more series rather than movies. 

“These big brands are setting a digital standard that sports betting has to keep up with from a user perspective – especially when it comes to personalisation.”

To watch the full interview, click HERE

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