Paddy Power debuts hard hitting docuseries – ‘Jamie Redknapp investigates’

Paddy Power has announced the launch ‘Jamie Redknapp Investigates’, the bookmaker’s latest ‘hard hitting’ documentary series examining ‘modern football’s biggest crimes’

In the first of a three-part series – with episodes two and three released over the fortnight, football pundit turned investigator Jamie Redknapp explores the ‘tragedy of half-and-half football scarves’.

Episode-1 sees Redknapp track down Brian, the inventor of the first half-and-half scarf, uncovering the origins of an industry that Paddy Power reports to be worth “over half a billion pounds”. 

“But, at what cost?” ponders Redknapp as “Half-and-half scarves have a very short shelf life,” which leads the former England international to interview environmental activist Lisa on the scarves devastating footprint. 

Spokesman Paddy Power commented on the docuseries:  “Forget diving, dodgy VAR calls and people leaving early – half-and-half scarves are the biggest disgrace in football right now. So, we put our best man on the case to investigate and uncover the ugly truth about this scourge of modern football that we know annoys all true football fans across the country.

“Because there are some things that just don’t look right together, like pasta and ketchup or Tottenham and trophies.”

Released next Friday, Episode-2 of Jamie Redknapp Investigates will see Paddy Power’s new lead investigator tackle the prominent subject matter of Twitter trolls and football. 

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