Novateq Global: A new brand for your next iGaming project

Novateq Global is a software company established back in 2016 with the overall goal of reinventing the B2B client experience for the iGaming industry.

Five years on, and after a period disrupted – at least from a brand awareness perspective – by the Covid-19 pandemic, Novateq is firmly equipped to deliver upon this goal and continue on its journey to success. 

Driven by a team of over 30 industry professionals, the Novateq portfolio may be headlined by a turnkey igaming platform solution but it is joined by standalone sportsbook, as well as a real money games and slots division, Macaw Gaming.

“One of the main focuses of the company is product diversity,” explained Novateq Executive Director Sergio Stankovic. “We have the turnkey platform, sportsbook module and Macaw Gaming division, alongside services for Outsourcing and Consulting.

“This means we can offer our partners complete flexibility in terms of product integrations, so they can either fully outsource to us or use their internal teams for the best outcome.” 

Discussing key targets for prospective partners, Stankovic added: “My idea is to reposition the Novateq Global brand and show the industry the amazing products and teams behind it. 

“The newly rebranded Novateq Global offers, as its core product, a SaaS primarily aimed at middle to big size operators who don’t have technology in house. But we also truly want to get engaged as a software outsourcing partner and support with our extensive industry knowledge and know-how.

“I’ve seen throughout my career that the focus always goes to the biggest players. And when the roadmap gets too busy, it’s very difficult for the smaller operators to get full attention – we see a clear disbalance between demand and offer on trusted sportsbook platforms for the industry dependent on the size of the client.

“However, we also recognise that a bigger choice of software providers is needed now more than ever before. The industry is evolving fast, technology is changing and existing providers can become overwhelmed by existing projects, particularly given the pressures associated with more challenging market regulations.” 

Digitalisation, the sharing of industry knowledge, and easier access to markets have led to an increasing number of operators on a worldwide level, with growth coming at a faster pace than on the supply side. 

Many operators have also decided to take more control over their software development either through internal teams or through the acquisition of an existing provider, which shows the need for dedication from the software provider towards their partners.

“We want to be very flexible, approachable and provide the same level of dedication to every single client, going the extra mile to support their business needs,” agreed Stankovic.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ for sportsbooks working with us. It’s a customisation-driven, very agile approach, configurable with dedication to our clients, which leaves them with the software they need to build their business and increase revenues.

“Some examples with clear customisation benefits are our sportsbook front-end API and risk management tools. We are sure that this is key to maintaining happy clients, and more engaged players, especially those tech-savvy users looking for the best UX in the market.”  

A key theme for the conversation was medium sized operators escaping the ‘overcrowded roadmap’ of the bigger providers by working with Novateq on a full-platform basis, but Stankovic acknowledged that a complete platform migration might often be seen as too much upheaval – and particularly for operators looking to diversify to a new vertical.

“The preference would be to take on a client on the full turnkey solution, but the second option is there for them to use a selection of services rather than the full thing. This would mainly be for new sportsbook clients because we offer a seamless sportsbook API solution, where they don’t need to use our platform. We just provide the module, which can be integrated with any other third-party platform.”

Looking ahead to the rest of the year, starting in Spain next week where Novateq will be attending the SBC Summit Barcelona, he concluded: “Our Q4 is all about dedication to existing clients, new market expansion, keeping up with technology trends and iGaming innovations while continuously adding more third party content products and preparing our product to outperform partners expectations.”

“In Q1 2022, we also have clear plans to work on a retail solution and mobile native App. This will help us further on our overall mission to fully support our partners both in online and offline business.”

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