Oren Cohen Shwartz, Delasport: Sportsbook Plug & Play iFrame can help operators drive revenues

Deploying a Sportsbook iFrame solution allows casino operators to add sports betting offerings quickly and easily and reach entirely new groups of players.

That’s according to Oren Cohen Shwartz, CEO of Delasport, who shares the benefits of sports betting offerings and the simplicity of adding a Sportsbook iFrame; it is as easy as adding a new video slot provider.

Shwartz explained: “Adding sports products does not cannibalise existing casino revenues, but creates a new revenue stream and helps protect existing ones. Casino operators that do not offer Sports risk losing players looking for a brand that offers to bet on both casino and sports.

From conversations with casino operators, I can share that most of them understand the need to add a sports product. Still, there is a misconception that integrating and operating a Sportsbook product is super complicated. Well, it is simply not the case. From an integration point of view, one of the key benefits of our Sportsbook iFrame is that it is straightforward and quick to add. For this reason, we named it Plug & Play. It is mostly the same process as adding a new slots provider.

For those concerned about their knowledge of sports and the operation side of things, this isn’t a fundamental requirement – as our partners gain access to a team of professional trading and risk managers who will oversee the whole operation for them.“

Shwartz explained that another reason that the Plug & Play Sportsbook iFrame solution is a must-have for operators is that it provides the perfect opportunity to cross-sell your casino products to sports bettors, with cost per acquisition also much lower for sports players than it is for casino bettors.

There are some key considerations to make when choosing a sportsbook iFrame solution provider. The first of these is product and coverage.

“An excellent sportsbook will cover all required features in your markets, from sports disciplines, betting options, mobile UX, cash-out, different odds format, multiple currencies and languages, scalability, etc.,” Shwartz continued.

Among the benefits of the Delasport solution is its breadth of content, offering more than 70,000 pre-match and 40,000 live events across 125 different types of sports. The markets range from classic football and cricket to esports, virtual sports, and live tournaments.

“The 24/7 broadcasting and analysis of the games create an endless pool of opportunities for the players to enjoy,” Shwartz added.

“The Delasport Sportsbook Plug & Play iFrame solution offers a wide range of markets for every sport available, from fan favourites like Asian Handicap and over/under to the more niche betting markets like first half exact goals, alternative 2nd half three-way handicap, and more.

“This vast selection of events and markets enables your player traffic to ease into the sports betting environment and ensures greater player retention in turn.”

It is critical to also look for a solution provider with years of experience, especially when it comes to risk management. This can be done by hiring your own sports betting expert or alternatively looking for a sports betting solution provider that offers access to a team of highly professional traders and risk managers.

The Delasport CEO said: “Risk management is the identification, evaluation, and prioritisation of risks. This includes everything from the initial event pricing and any odds movement to limit liability to increasing the betting limits available to customers and analysing particular betting behaviours to keep track of new information.

Having a hybrid system in place, a combination of precise algorithms to compile the information, and a dedicated trading team guarantees the quality and accuracy of the odds calculation. Delasport’s Sportsbook provides operators with more value through a better hold and a proven point of difference on pricing and content, with a market-leading trading staff that covers major and minor sports in-depth.”

Shwartz underlined that when entering a revenue share business model, the sportsbook iFrame provider should “act as a trusted partner, run the sports product professionally and maintain the highest margin to achieve your new business goals”.

By doing this, there should be a mutual interest to grow the business as a whole, with the provider also supporting the operator to add new features to their offering.

Shwartz concluded: “Sportsbook Plug & Play iFrame allows you to get all the benefits of adding a sports product to your brand. It is quick, and you don’t need to have the know-how in sports. It is as simple as adding a new slots provider. The sportsbook Plug & Play iFrame blends seamlessly to the operator’s website, has the same colour, fonts, etc., and the operator is in complete control over his exposure through limit configuration and reports.

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