Raj Sanjanwala selected as new COO for BetMakers’ Global Tote division

Global Tote, a division of BetMakers Technology Group, recently announced the appointment of Rajen “Raj” Sanjanwala to the role of Chief Operating Officer. 

Praised as an experienced technology professional with extensive experience in the international pari-mutuel wagering industry, Sanjanwala previously served as the Head of Tote Development for Sportech Racing and Digital, and most recently as Chief Technology Officer for Sportech.  

The new division of BetMakers was formed with the acquisition of Sportech’s global pari-mutuel technology and services assets, in June 2021. 

In a recent interview with SBC Leaders Magazine, Sanjanwala shared his view of the opportunities available to US operators seeking to capitalise on sports betting, and how Global Tote is aligning its strategy to help them by focusing on investments in infrastructure and user experience and diversifying its Quantum System software to offer not both fixed odds and tote betting.

Sanjanwala shed some light on BetMakers’ position that fixed odds and tote betting on racing are complementary. 

Speaking to SBC Leaders, Sanjanwala also discussed the steps that Global Tote is taking now to help ensure that, where both are offered on racing, the combination of tote and fixed odds betting can provide product diversity, new revenue streams and greater participation in the sport from new fans.

“I’m pleased to report that since the tote division was acquired by BetMakers, we have not even tapped the brakes on development of our tote products,” he said. 

“In fact, as evinced by the projects I described above, we’ve turned on a firehose of investment in our tote products and services distribution. We are a global leader in tote, and we plan on staying there by continually delivering solutions that help our customers thrive.”

Having built his career around the pari-mutuel betting industry, Sanjanwala is bullish on the future of the international racing industry. “I believe that those of us in the tote industry, and the clients, employees and partners of Global Tote and BetMakers, have a lot to look forward to in this transformational moment. I personally have devoted my career to the tote betting industry, and I have never been more excited about what’s on the horizon.

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