SoftSwiss: Desktop bet value outweighs mobile counterpart

Despite the rising use of mobile devices to place bets in recent years, a report by SoftSwiss has found that the value of bets placed via desktop users far outweighs those placed on handheld devices.

In a report by the SoftSwiss sportsbook, data has shown that bet sum share is “three times that of mobile devices”. However, this figure changes “dramatically” when considering the number of bets placed.

SoftSwiss explained that 77.16% of bets were placed via mobile, compared to just 22.64% on desktop. 

Alexander Kamenetskyi, Product Owner at SoftSwiss sportsbook, commented: “Our clients’ big players trust desktops more. One reason is the convenience of getting information, as well as the greater trust in this format of interaction when large sums are involved. 

“On the other hand, the greater bet count made via mobile devices is due to the accelerating pace of life. The mobile phone allows us to stay up to date regardless of time or place. This is reflected in the statistics. 

“We see this trend and understand that mobile devices are the future. So one of our main objectives for the years to come is to make sure that the share of bets placed across mobile exceeds 80% and that we aim for 100% overall.”

Players tended to favour US dollars as the currency of choice, accounting for 61.15% of bets, compared to 30.37% placed using euros and 8.48% with cryptocurrency.

Unsurprisingly, football led the way as the most popular sport to wager on, followed by tennis and basketball. 

“This prize trio is not at all surprising for those with a long-standing interest in betting,” Kamenetskyi added. “Football, as the most popular sport, takes the top place.It is suitable for all types of betting, including live betting in the form of a pre-match.

“If football is the most popular kind of sport, tennis is one of the most elite ones with an off-season period of less than a month. Its popularity is also influenced by the fact that it is an individual sport and not a collective one. 

“Dozens of tournaments can take place in a week with very detailed statistics, allowing the player to always have enough information to analyse events. Additionally, quick points are available in tennis, where a player bets on the winner of a game, for example, and can win within a minute.

“Second place is always claimed by basketball along with tennis. There, too, you can bet on a fast game and get a win here and now. 

“What else might be of interest to professional players is the possibility to catch the bookie at a mistake more easily. However, basketball is very much tied to the market where it is popular, such as in Lithuania.”

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