SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator experiences significant increases in bet sums and GGR

The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator has experienced a significant uptake across both GGR and average bet sums, as well as identifying a trend which has seen more extensive use of cryptocurrency.

Publishing its financial results for the full year covering 2021, annual GGR increased from €130 million in January to €250 million in December, whilst the sum of bets doubled from €3.3 billion to €6.5 billion.

These figures were driven by the delivery of games to ‘several new markets’, including Japan, Brazil, Argentina, India and Tunisia. Total yearly GGR, meanwhile, totalled 200 million in comparison to the 2020 full year figure of €88 million.

Additionally, the average bet sum stood at €5 billion per month, whilst in 2020 average monthly sums were recorded at €2.2 billion – a growth rate of 130%.

Lastly, SOFTSWISS has reported that 40% of all currencies used in 2021 were cryptocurrencies, an increase on the 2020 figure of 20%. Bitcoin is the most popular, accounting for 83.3% of crypto transactions – ranking fifth placed in the aggregator’s most used currencies for the year – followed by Ethereum at 8% and Litecoin at 3.9%.

“SOFTSWISS has long been known as a leading B2B crypto solution provider, and this past year has proven that once again,” said Andrey Starovoitov, SOFTSWISS COO.

“Cryptocurrencies are an obvious trend in the gambling industry, so in our development we put special emphasis on their use. The 2021 figures are the expected result of the company’s strategy to expand its portfolio with crypto products.”

The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator was able to secure 60 clients and over 20 game providers in 2020, with customers including BCGame – the Head of Operations of which, Chris Butler, spoke to SBC News earlier this year.

“Our partnership with SoftSwiss was no accident,” he remarked when discussing BCGame’s leveraging of the SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator. “We performed several months of research, due diligence and had countless meetings with just about every company in the industry. 

“This was a big decision for us so we had to be certain that all of our criteria could be met. BCGame is a one-of-a-kind brand that does not fit into any mold. SoftSwiss is the only company that can handle all the unique components that come with our partnership. 

“Every other company we spoke to had very specific processes and to deviate from them was unspeakable. SOFTSWISS was able to not only navigate our chaos with ease but guide us too. Now, we move forward with confidence.”

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