SOFTSWISS: jackpots “equally as engaging” for new and existing players

Jackpots have long been used to help onboard new players and retain existing bettors, and according to a new report by SOFTSWISS, the feature has been shown to boost engagement with both player segments.

Analysing statistics from three of its clients – namely Casino at N1 Bet, Fight Club and JooCasino – SOFTSWISS wanted to find out how the roll out of its Jackpot Aggregator solution is driving player acquisition, engagement and retention.

The data, which assessed the five months from November 2021 to March 2022, showed that 47.5% of bettors play jackpot games exclusively, while the share of players who regularly bet on jackpot games exceeded the share of non-jackpot players: 82.3% vs. 17.7% respectively.

Approximately 70% of casino players were shown to make more daily wagers after participating in jackpot campaigns. SOFTSWISS also noted that 50% of players increased their average bet sum after joining the jackpot campaign.

Aliaksei Douhin, Product Manager at SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, commented: “An unchanging task for each operator is to find effective tools to acquire and retain players. The statistics confirm that the Jackpot Aggregator is a universal solution that facilitates the growth of loyalty from both a new and already loyal audience.

“According to the brand’s needs at a given moment, the launch of the jackpot campaign helps to focus on a specific category of players, giving unlimited opportunities to affect the user activity and achieve significant results.”

From a player retention perspective, SOFTSWISS believes that the jackpots are “equally engaging for both loyal players and casino newcomers”. This was demonstrated by the fact that “half of the users who made at least one jackpot bet were casino players registered for a month and above, while the other half is a brand new audience”.

SBC News SOFTSWISS: jackpots “equally as engaging” for new and existing players

Douhin added: “Jackpot campaign operation is a multi-step process, allowing the client to consider more and more new insights about players with every new campaign.

“The combination of the Jackpot Aggregator team’s expertise and the operator’s experience is a crucial thing for creating unique campaigns which help to manage key brand indicators and, accordingly, affect growth.”

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