SOFTSWISS: our Managed Services are prepared for the unpredictable

If you want to remain a key player in the betting and gaming market, you need to stay sharp – and according to Anastasia Vyshinskaya, Head of B2C at SOFTSWISS, you must be flexible to changing demands too.

Speaking to SBC, Vyshinskaya outlines the main goals of the SOFTSWISS Managed Services team and the importance of being able to adjust to new business scenarios. 

SBC: Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! For those that might not know, can you tell me what are the main goals of the Managed Services division at SOFTSWISS?

Thanks for having me! The main goal of all our teams is to provide outstanding services for those igaming brands that strive to have an individual approach to each player. We cover all areas of player support, including the First line, VIP player, and Dedicated Anti-Fraud support, as well as Content Management, Player Retention and Reactivation. 

Having so many facets to consider, we need to keep abreast of all changes and trends in the industry. This is a real challenge for us, as there are always unpredictable circumstances that require flexibility and quick decisions. 

SBC: The last few months have been particularly tricky, especially for many of your Ukrainian partners. How has the Managed Services team adapted to these challenges to help support these companies?

You’re right, we have many partners in Ukraine who faced a lot of issues this spring. The question was not even raised about whether we could or could not help. Everyone in our teams immediately got involved in the work, adapting workflows to the traffic that awaited us. We provided 24/7 support to more than 20 Ukrainian brands.

Absolutely all Managed Services employees worked overtime to cover the number of chats, tickets and requests. The main advantage of our teams is that, in most cases, we are interchangeable, and it helped us to cope with the challenge that we faced! 

But still, it was the first time for us to work under such conditions, so it was a crash test for the whole department. As a result, we gained valuable experience and had the chance to improve our skills in handling non-standard situations. Now it’s another advantage of our team!

SBC: What have been the key challenges that you have had to overcome when it comes to regular operations?

Complicating the situation was that each project had its own requirements for operating, which had to be reviewed as soon as possible. In addition, a number of projects had their own solution for live support, and we had to integrate our solution in the shortest time. 

In cooperation with the technical team, we managed to provide access to projects within a few hours and switch to our live chat tool. It all happened thanks to the well-coordinated work of a large number of teams that worked like clockwork.

SBC: In your opinion, how important is it for a business to remain flexible when it comes to working with a wide network of partners?

The geography of our partnerships extends all over the world, so our key to success is flexibility. If you want to remain in demand in the market, you need to stay sharp, arranging the work of teams in such a way as to comply with the business needs. We follow these principles, and that’s what helps us to react to each non-standard situation without delay and any difficulties. 

Moreover, we’re working on improving the level of our service by taking new professional training. Our team members are interested in their professional development, and we support it.

SBC: What have been the key learnings that you have taken from the last few months? And how will this shape the strategy of the SOFTSWISS Managed Services Division going forward?

We are a close-knit team that is ready for any challenge. Although it sounds a bit lofty, it is true. We are proud of our employees who were able to muster their strength and not only work at 200% but also support each other. This also overlapped with the relocation of several team members. It is a double burden since, in addition to working, you also need to adjust to a new environment. 

We will continue to do our job at the same high level and grow both quantitatively and professionally. This is perhaps the main strategy of our unit today!

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