Sportradar to track suspicious betting patterns for Twain Sport

Sportradar has formed a deal with Twain Sport to integrate its Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) into the recently launched platform’s hybrid sports tournaments.

Twain Sport is a live sport vertical from the Hybrid Sports League and BetGames, as the deal allows the firm to give its operator partners strong integrity and fraud detection throughout its competitions.

“UFDS is the world’s best system to monitor and analyse the worldwide betting market for suspicious betting patterns,” added Andreas Krannich, Managing Director, Sportradar Integrity Services. 

“Using it, we support integrity in sport, law enforcement and state authorities to monitor, detect and analyse betting-related manipulation and other types of corruption.

“The extensive UFDS historical database and our unmatched experience mean that we are uniquely positioned to analyse and report on any relevant matter related to suspicious activity. We’re sure that with Twain Sport, we can now promise its products will be protected by some of the world’s most advanced technology.”

With the same system deployed across the likes of UEFA, the NBA and the NHL, the UFDS will track Twain’s odds changes and liquidity across the market.

Furthermore, the system is set to be deployed with Twain Sports’ League launch on 1 August with T-Basket, and all other future games. The partnership will also include auditing of the League, its rules and concepts and monitoring of every single match played.

BetGames’ CEO, Andreas Koeberl, said: “The highest level of integrity has always been the foundation of our new betting offering. We see the integration of Sportradar’s industry-leading FDS into Twain Sport as a key layer of integrity on behalf of our operator partners – ensuring we offer the very best live sports product on the market.

“Promising high-frequency betting and low-spend extended playing sessions, we’re confident that Twain Sport will prove transformative in the industry and we can’t wait until the action kicks off in August.”

Athlete education is also set to be introduced which the group has outlined will see a ‘comprehensive induction in the integrity standards expected of all those involved’.

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