Low6 purses ‘natural progression’ of UltimateFan product with NFT addition

Low6 has updated its UltimateFan fantasy sports product to include NFTs, seeking to offer a ‘new frontier’ of possibilities for sports, betting and affiliate firms. 

The NFTs will be incorporated into the mobile-based UltimateFan offering as the ‘UF Coach’ feature, with the goal of combining NFTs and fantasy sports using in-game and out-of-game structures. 

Birmingham-based Low6 intends to use this dual leveraging of both verticals to ‘bring value within the crypto market’ whilst adding a ‘new dimension’ to the gameplay of the UltimateFan product. 

“The introduction of NFTs to UltimateFan is a natural progression, an incredible value proposition to our users, and a big step forward for fan-first experiential gamification,” said Jamie Mitchell, Low6 CEO and Co-Founder. 

“The evolution of the UltimateFan product, and its unbridled success in UK and North American markets, are emblematic of the innovation and forward-thinking approach upon which Low6 prides itself.”

Low6’s incorporation of NFTs allows the digital assets to be held within the game’s ecosystem, as well as within its user’s crypto-wallets. 

The development comes as betting industry interest in NFTs continues to grow, with companies such as Entain beginning to probe the space via its Ennovate innovation hub, whilst in the US DraftKings has launched a NFT marketplace. 

Mitchell concluded: “Our strategy of introducing NFTs to fantasy gameplay keeps us at the forefront of sports gamification, adding an exciting new realm of potential for our partners and affiliates.”

Speaking to SBC last year, Mitchell – along with fellow Low6 Co-Founder Wayne Stevenson discussed the inception of the UltiamteFan concept, whereby players could buy, sell and trade ‘player cards’ used in any Low6 game via a blockchain-based marketplace. 

Low6’s games currently encompass a range of sports, including English football and the NFL, whilst additional products have been created for the PGA Tour and UFC.

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