Stats Perform launches Opta Vision for ‘new generation’ of sports data

Stats Perform has announced a new addition to its suite of sports data and AI products, launching its Opta Vision data feeds offering. 

Utilising the firm’s Opta event data in conjunction with tracking data in order to create a ‘single, merged dataset’, the new offering has been released to provide greater performance insights to sports teams and improve storyline generation for publishers and broadcasters.

The London-based sportstech firm has incorporated stadium feeds from match venue camera systems and remote tracking collection from video sources – leveraging computer vision technology to do so.

“We are very excited to be introducing the next generation of Opta data to our customers,” said Nancy Hensley, Chief Product Officer at Stats Perform.

“By synchronising events and tracking data and then utilising our AI capabilities to generate enriched insights, we will be empowering performance analysis departments at teams, as well as a broadcaster’s production team, to identify new performance trends and tell great stories of the game.”

The product incorporates the firm’s Qwinn AI to cover new data points and predictive metrics, such as pass prediction outputs and ‘dynamic changes to a team’s shape’ during a match, for deeper performance analysis. 

Feeds are ‘trained on millions of data points’ in order to achieve this outcome, whilst the London-based sportstech provider also aims to leverage Opta Vision to consider the movement of attacking and defending players in the lead up to a pass.

Additional data points include detection of pressure intensity for each attempted pass, as well as a qualifier to indicate when a player completes a link-breaking pass.

Stats Perform intends to make both outputs available live to its customers covering ‘several top-flight European leagues’ for the 2022/23 football season, in order to provide a ‘more process picture’ of and greater context on in-game developments.

Lastly, Stats Perform’s offering will be extended to broadcasters and publishers to inform development of storylines around competitions, gained via in-stadium camera feeds and broadcast video data captured through computer vision technology. 

Jens Melvang, Senior Project Manager at Stats Perform, added: “The use of tracking data has grown over recent years, but the outputs have been limited to simple metrics such as Distance Covered.

“By merging our tracking data with the best event data in football, we’re able to deliver accurate and insightful metrics which give a more complete view of what’s happening on the pitch.”

The announcement marks Stats Perform’s first product launch since the firm unveiled a suite of sportsbook products at ICE London 2022 last month, including Instant Highlights, Smart Stats Overlays and Dynamic Betting Stats.

Speaking to Insider Sport in separate interviews, Stats Perform’s Sr. Data Editor & Audience Engagement Manager Matt Furniss, and Head of UK and Central Data Insights Nick Bentley outlined data insights into the FA Cup and Women’s Six Nations, respectively.

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