STS Group extends BetGames product supply deal with TV Zaidimai in Poland

STS Group has retained its status as the biggest and sole publicly-listed bookmaker operating in Poland, having confirmed an extension to its agreement with TV Zaidimai Ltd this week. 

One of the largest bookmakers in Central Europe, the group offers wagers for BetGames’ simulated card games across its sales channels. Under the terms of the extended collaboration, the parties will work together to expand the current games portfolio. 

The BetGames offer, together with virtual sports, is responsible for more than 10% of the NGR (Net Gaming Revenue) generated by the STS Group.

According to a statement from STS, the prolonged licence agreement provides access to a wide range of betting products which involve guessing the results of entertainment events including simulated card games. BetGames products involve betting on the winning participant of a card game (eg the player or the dealer) by guessing the final outcome of said game.

In 2020, TV Zaidimai began to develop a “Polish table” for poker, exclusively for the STS Group, which provides the opportunity for players to interact with Polish-speaking dealers. Due to considerable player interest in the product, that project will now benefit from further development as part of the new agreement.

Mateusz Juroszek, CEO of STS Holding, remarked: “We are prolonging a partnership that is very important for us and grants us exclusivity to offer BetGames products in Poland. BetGames products are the best products in the simulated card games category on the Polish market. 

“Player interest in products similar to BetGames products keeps growing, which is why, together with TV Zaidimai, we are investing in and personalising the offer for Polish players. The result is that these products are responsible for a significant portion of the NGR generated by the group. The STS Group leads the Polish market in the categories of sports betting and betting on non-sports events, such as virtual sports or BetGames products.”

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