UK racing calls for stakeholder participation to measure environmental footprint 

The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has urged all stakeholders to participate in its online questionnaire to help map the environmental activity of UK racing.

The questionnaire forms part of UK racing’s CSR commitment, in which the governing bodies of the BHA, The Horsemen’s Group, Racing Foundation and Racecourse Association (RCA) have pledged to progress the sport’s environmental sustainability.

Last year, the Racing Foundation committed to fund ‘scooping research’ on the environmental footprint of UK racing, undertaken by eco-sustainability consultancy White Griffin.

Scoping assessments will cover the areas of environmental sustainability, including CO2 emissions, decarbonisation and renewable energy, management of key resources such as water and plastics, and potential for positive contributions through biodiversity. 

Outlined as a headline directive, the BHA has underscored the need for UK racing to understand the environmental footprint of its value chain across its core components of breeding, training, racing, equine travel, welfare and raceday management. 

 “Capturing the activity already underway across racing and breeding is a key element of our sustainability scoping exercise. This is essential if we are to measure our current progress and identify areas where there are opportunities for further progress,” – said Brant Dunshea, BHA Chief Regulatory Officer and Project Executive Sponsor

“I encourage anyone with interest, knowledge or experience in this area to complete the survey and help us collate some of this important activity. Thank you in advance for your help.”

Questionnaire responses will be used to build an overall picture of projects and activities already underway across racing and breeding, with regards to reducing carbon emissions, managing resources more effectively,  and improving land usage and biodiversity.

The questionnaire will also help determine the scope for future projects and where support might be required, as well as provide further insights on the impact of land usage, current environmental reporting requirements and the potential impact of climate change on racing and breeding.

Rob Hezel, Chief Executive of the Racing Foundation, said: “As an industry, it is vital that we tackle environmental challenges if we are to future-proof racing for future generations.

“Everybody has a part to play in responding to climate change and it is important we collaborate across the industry to build this picture accurately. I therefore ask everyone to please complete the questionnaire to help racing to respond effectively on this crucial issue.”

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