Yolo Investments secures stake in Apparat Gaming’ ‘developing story’

German start-up Apparat Gaming has secured its first round of investment, as Yolo Investments acquires an interest in the firm.

Purchasing the stake for an undisclosed sum, the Guernsey-based venture capital fund made the decision after noticing that the games developer was ‘making waves’ in the European sector. 

The move falls in line with Yolo’s commercial focus on seed and A-stage investment in gaming and fintech, especially with regards to ‘innovation and tech disruption’.

“We’re always on the lookout for startups with a passion for evolution, and Apparat ticks that box,” said Tim Heath, Yolo Investments GP and Founder. 

Heath added that Yolo was attracted by Apparat’s ‘remarkable visibility’ achieved in a short space of time, with the company having moad ‘inroads throughout Germany and Europe’. 

Additionally, the GP stated that Yolo was further intrigued by Apparat’s technology and recruitment strategy. 

“At Yolo, we have a ‘people first’ attitude and we recognise that Apparat has put together an amazing team of creative individuals with a 360-degree understanding of the industry. We’re delighted to be part of their developing story.”

Apparat is the latest in a series of high-profile investments from Yolo, with the company having injected cash into gaming firms such as Green Jade Games, Turbo Games and Kalamba.

The venture fund has built up investment in over 55 companies since its founding in 2017, with total assets under management of €375m. The company most recently completed an equity investment in igaming retention and reactivation firm Enteractive in April.

Alina Dandörfer, Co-Founder and Director at Apparat Gaming, commented: “We’re excited that Yolo has chosen us because we know they only invest in the best. 

“It’s a real vindication of everything we’ve worked for. And with Yolo’s backing, we can achieve even great, great things.”

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