Delay in Approval of Casino Gambling in Nebraska

Lincoln, Neb. 13 September 2021 – Nebraska Casino gambling at the racetracks to wait a few more months before getting a complete approval. Even though according to the initiatives taken last year the yes votes had determined Nebraska’s future in casino gambling, some rules are still in process.

“It’s a slow process,” said Tom Sage, executive director of the state Racing and Gaming Commission.

So many casino lovers are frustrated with the long time the state regulators are taking to write the rules casino gambling in Nebraska. As impatient as the gamblers get, the state needs to keep in mind that the world is still going through a deadly pandemic. Hence, a lot of rules have to be different than what rules are in normal times.

The Regulators Attempt to Fasten the Process

Casino gambling in Nebraska
Horse Racing tracks in Nebraska

Taking into account the dissatisfaction and frustration of Nebraska casino gambling lovers, the states take more action. The development of the approval process for Nebraska casinos is just beginning with the commission recently receiving a report from a consultant it hired to help write the rules and regulations for casino gaming in the state.

Tom Sage, the state Racing and Gaming Commission’s executive director, is likewise looking forward to the good news. He has been informing the commission about how he is also hoping for approval of gambling at the horse racing tracks in Nebraska.

Moreover, the new casino might be following COVID-19 SOPs like how the New Orleans casino now requires vaccination proofs.

The commission will still have to go through a lengthy procedure after writing and approving the rules for casino gambling in Nebraska. Gov. Pete Ricketts and Attorney General Doug Peterson have to approve it. Finally, the Secretary of State’s Office will acknowledge it after all authorities will approve it. As a result, the formal application procedure for casino gambling may not begin until the beginning of next year. Hopefully, the wait will be worth it!

Background info on Initiatives

Casino gambling in Nebraska
Yes voters of Initiative 428

On November 3, 2020, Nebraska Initiative 430, the Authorizing Casino Gambling at Racetracks Initiative, was on the ballot. It was introduced as a state act.

A “yes” vote supporting the establishment of a law that allows gambling operations at licensed racetracks. It will also be creating the Nebraska Gaming Commission to oversee them. Initiatives 429, 430, and 431 would allow, authorize, and regulate gambling at licensed racetracks. Moreover, according to these initiatives government will be imposing taxes on Nebraska casino gambling as well.

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