Indian Casino Complex: Construction Is About To Complete

There is good news that the Indian Casino Complex is about to complete. After its completion, the guests will enjoy its facilities. This new and large casino complex is located in the Fresno County foothills closer to Millerton Lake. Besides, its distance is less than 1000 feet from Fresno County. Its construction started in 2019.

Moreover, the construction plan of this Indian Casino includes 600 new gaming machines, a gift shop, a restaurant, children’s facilities, and a special event center. Furthermore, the new casino complex has a garage and parking facility. Also, there will be a 110,000 square foot floor of the casino complex.

There was a slump in the casino industry due to the COVID-19 pandemic like other industries. Many casinos were shut down during this period like Goa Casinos were closed due to the increased cases of COVID-19. But after the improvement in the conditions, the casino industry is in revival stages now.

 Indian Casino Complex
New Facilities at Indian Casino Complex

The Construction of New Hotel Tower in Indian Casino Complex

The owners have decided to build a new hotel tower. It will consist of 150 guest rooms and 14 levels. Moreover, it has the features of fabulous and attractive design. Currently, the available space is 72,000 square feet. But the new construction will add space up to 600,000 square feet. The hotel members said in 2018 that they want to construct such a facility that will facilitate us for the generations.

When is The Construction of The Indian Casino Complex Expected?

This project of the Indian Casino Complex will take a year to complete. The owners have planned to complete its construction this year. But Table Mountain leaders have not confirmed the launching date yet. Moreover, there is no confirmation from the Tribal Leaders regarding the completion of this casino project. Besides, the officials of Fresno County have said that the work is still in progress for the required traffic signals and roadwork. The public information officer, Sonja Dosti, said that they would complete this construction work by November 2021.

Indian Casino Complex
Indian Casino Complex

The New Opportunities From This Project

The old Indian casino complex has a 72,000 square foot floor area. But the new construction will add new space to it. The official members of the casino in 2018 said that the new facilities would add thousands of job opportunities at the Table Mountain. Besides, it will increase the total of 1,454 different positions. Moreover, the Chukchansi band of the Yokuts and Monache tribe runs this casino at the Table Mountain Rancheria.

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