GambleAware maintains Bet Regret ‘Tap Out’ as lead football campaign

The opening weekend of Premier League 2021/2022 matches saw GambleAware restart its flagship ‘Bet Regret’ campaign across UK sports media and football stadiums. 

The campaign sees GambleAware continue its marketing mandate of promoting safer gambling awareness and betting moderation to a target audience of 18–34-year-old males – deemed most vulnerable to forming impulsive behaviours through their gambling choices.

Bet Regret made its debut across UK sports programming and stadia during the 2019/2020 football season, as part of GambleAware’s first nationwide advertising campaign to raise public awareness of problem gambling’s compulsive traits.

Last year GambleAware refreshed the Bet Regret campaign to feature its latest ‘Tap Out’ tagline advising punters to ‘take-a-moment and think’ before placing their bets.  

GambleAware underscores the success of Bet Regret which has ‘consistently delivered high levels of awareness’, with recognition averaging at over ‘60% amongst the broader target audience, rising to 75% amongst those in the highest risk band’.

The campaign has also proved successful in encouraging the campaign audience to ‘tap out’, with 38% of the campaign audience saying they ‘tapped out’ of their app before placing a bet and almost one in five (17%) saying they actively use ‘tapping out’ as a tool to cut down.

Zoë Osmond, Chief Executive of GambleAware said: With the start of the football season and fans returning to stadiums, we must do all we can to encourage people to pause and consider before making a bet. With all public health campaigns, the biggest challenge is translating awareness and intentions into actions, which is why there is a continued need to promote behavioural nudges, such as ‘tap out’.

“So far, we have seen promising results from the campaign to date, with more people recognising and using ‘tapping out’ as a technique to moderate their betting.”

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