Updated Monthly B2B Compliance Reports

The Malta Gaming Authority (“MGA”) is hereby informing all B2B licence holders that the current Monthly B2B Compliance Report “B2B Report” has been revised with effect from today, 25 September. In this regard, the old B2B Report format shall no longer be accessible and any new submissions shall be made within the September 2023 report, which is due 20 October 2023.  

The revised B2B Report shall, amongst other things, require the B2B reporting entity to enter the names of its B2B/B2C client companies it provides its licensable services to, and specify the relationship type/s from a provided list, allowing for multiple relationship types to be selected.  In this regard, the licensable services the B2B reporting entity receives are not reportable within the B2B Report.

As opposed to the current report, the revised version introduces an improved functionality that permits licensees to deactivate specific records when, for example, a previous relationship has been terminated. Moreover, the new version also contains an ‘Instructions’ tab describing in detail the relationship types that need to be reported and also includes some practical examples.  

Licensees are kindly requested to contact the MGA by sending an email to [email protected] for any clarification or additional guidance.

The MGA has no connection with super8r.com Cancellation of Authorisations for Tipster Limited (C-50436)

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