BETER upgrades efootball live streams with new in-play stats widget

BETER will create a “more electrifying betting experience” across its efootball live streams with the addition of a new in-play statistic widget.

The feature, BETER explained, will provide bettors with additional information on players’ performance in ESportsBattle tournaments.

Alex Lobov, BETER’s Chief Product Officer, said: “We are always keen to create a strong foundation for positive and long-lasting relationships of players with our sports and esports tournaments. The best way to do it is to maintain an engaging gaming atmosphere and constantly refresh our products with new features and options.

“We will further expand our live streams’ stats categories and develop other widgets to make the interaction with our tournaments more immersive and enthralling for our partners’ users.”

Statistics displayed on the widget will include information on individual players such as the win/loss ratio of a pair of players in all matches they played together. BETER is confident that this will allow bettors to “quickly assess opponents’ performance”. Head-to-head stats will also be used to “highlight up-and-coming players’ giant-killing potential”.

In addition, bettors also get instant access to the number of matches played by a pair of players, win rates, wins/losses/draws, average goals, average total, and wins-losses in the last five matches, match schedules and tournament tables.

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