Betinvest: unlocking the full potential of quick sports

Remaining competitive in this ever-growing sports betting industry can be difficult to say the least. One way in which companies can maintain an edge over their competitors is through the launch of exclusive content – a path which has been taken by Betinvest.

After signing a long-term strategic partnership with Astrid Soft, Betinvest recognised that it must continue to accelerate the development of its exclusive sportsbook content portfolio.

This led the supplier to agree an exclusive multi-year content distribution deal with Astrid Soft’s сontractor, Winners Sports Hub (WSH) – a global platform that brings together organisers of professional sports and esports competitions.

As a result of the new collaboration with WSH, Betinvest will be able to enhance its Quick sports and Esports sportsbook content solutions by “bringing together deep skills in business strategy, product ideation, technology development and deployment and organisational change management”.

“Astrid Soft’s emerging tournament platform provides an excellent opportunity to deliver elite-level quick sports and esports content to new and existing clients,” said Daria Petrus, Sales Team Lead at Betinvest.

“Since launching last year, Winners Sports Hub has established itself as the premier destination for the top-tier tournament organisers and we are excited for the role WSH can play in the growth of our Sportsbook Content Solution.”

“With expanded coverage of over 20 000 exclusive events run by Europe’s largest organisers of professional quick sports and esports competitions 24/7 and conducted at ten modern venues of Winners Sports Hub, this distribution deal will strengthen our position as a major sportsbook content provider in Europe and will allow us to drive far more business impact for our clients.

“We will unlock the full potential of quick sports tournaments and competitive gaming and place our clients on the best path for success in the new digital business landscape.”

Betinvest is a UK-incorporated, full-cycle international igaming service provider with over 20 years of experience, currently operating worldwide.

By continuing to offer exclusive sports content solutions, comprehensive sports data services, and effective iGaming software, Betinvest is confident that it can continue to engage and retain sports bettors.

In addition to strengthening its own content portfolio, Betinvest will also become part of Astrid Soft’s network of partnerships that provide proprietary access to tools, technologies, and content delivery capabilities that help Betinvest deliver breakthrough client results. “This collaboration represents a step-change in the way we address the needs of the iGaming market,” Petrus added.

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