IBIA bolsters Dutch presence with BetCity.nl membership

BetCity.nl, the Dutch-facing subsidiary of BetEnt B.V, has fulfilled one of the requirements of its licence conditions, joining the International Betting Integrity Association (IBIA).

One of the key criteria of membership of the regulated Dutch online sports betting and gaming market, under the terms of the KOA Act implemented on 1 October, is membership of an international integrity monitoring body.

By joining the IBIA, BetCity is meeting this requirement as well as linking with a substantial number of other major global betting brands, with the association’s members accounting for over $137 billion (€115bn) of worldwide betting turnover and ‘nearly 50%’ of regulated commercial online wagering activity. 

Kylian Olierook, Head of Operations at BetCity.nl said: “At Betcity.nl we are proud to become a member of the IBIA and combat corruption to protect the integrity of sports, together with our sportsbook partner Kambi. We are committed to protect sports and the consumers and are excited to join forces with the leading voice in this area.”

Speaking to SBC last year, William Hill Group Director of Security and IBIA Board of Directors member Bill South explained how the organisation’s model can be easily applied to any market and any jurisdiction by using a top-down approach.

“The IBIA, particularly through their CEO Khalid Ali, has been employing people from within the industry and that has brought expertise and understanding, along with technical expertise, to run the platform effectively and make it a transferable model,” he detailed. 

“The analytical reports that are produced and the work we have done with for example, the IOC, and the educational programmes that have come out of that are also adaptable.

“The IBIA are in discussions with a view to understanding the operational requirements of individual states. Sports and betting markets are international, there are no frontiers involved, and we are very well placed to become part of the integrity discussion in the US.”

The IBIA recently initiated its own launch in the Netherlands, an online market which many commentators believe has significant potential as a future European gambling hub. 

Referencing data from H2 Gambling Capital, the IBIA pointed out that turnover for the Dutch web-based sector is expected to grow from €230 million in 2021 to €2 billion by 2022, with further predictions for it to double to €4 billion by 2025. 

The IBIA further anticipates ‘to make further member announcements over the coming months’, as more licences are issued in Holland – speaking on the SBC Leaders podcast, Niels Onkenhout, CEO of Nederlandse Loterij, noted that a further 10 operators are expected to launch in the country.

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