Jada Gaming: Using AI to alleviate “systematic struggles” in the iGaming industry

Jada Gaming’s CTO Josh Tromans-Jones (pictured) sat down with SBC News to explain why Jada is “a one-stop shop for AI in the gaming industry” before giving us a sneak peak into the company’s plans for SBC Summit Barcelona.

Josh Tromans-Jones

SBC: ​​First of all, can you tell us a little bit about Jada Gaming?

JTJ: Jada Gaming was created to provide a solution to a series of systematic struggles in the iGaming industry. Implementation of AI, fraud prevention, responsible gambling, marketing optimisation are just a few of the pivotal areas our Jada service supports.

Jada Brain’s ideation comes from years of industry experience and facing the same issues. It was important to recognise these core problems to design a range of bespoke modules to directly better them. The mission was to build a comprehensive solution, so for launch there were 11 core modules targeting areas including Responsible Gaming, Bonus Abuse and Churn Detection.

Jada Brain is designed with independently configurable modules to meet the demand of each operator. This means operators can create a solution that’s been especially adapted to deliver business success. Flexibility and optionality are the drivers of all Jada’s modular design. 

A major reason Jada stands out ahead of competitors is that we don’t need sensitive customer details, a key concern for many operators. Our USP however, is a one-stop shop for AI in the gaming industry, built by people from the industry who really understand AI. We concentrate on supporting gaming businesses going through a data transformation process, aiming at a smarter and more efficient capitalisation of their own data.

SBC: How is artificial intelligence helping Jada Gaming to deliver a more personalised experience for casino and sportsbook bettors?

JTJ: Jada Brain is the artificial intelligence solution from Jada Gaming designed for iGaming operators. It is a full data, end-to-end platform that utilises AI and Machine Learning to solve daily business problems faced by operators and affiliates. It was developed with the player front-of-mind.

The AI solution empowers operators with the ability to choose games or betting markets categorised by each client determined by a machine learning algorithm that analyses game behaviours. 

Operators are armed with data which can then be leveraged to create manual campaigns, integrated into CRM tools or for operators’ front-end design.

AI is also being used to adapt user flows and personalised journeys and this positively impacts CRM communications. Data can be used to determine when best to send messaging and even more excitingly, what content should be sent to help consumers. 

SBC: And how can this technology also be used to address – and mitigate – matters of responsible gaming?

JTJ: Jada Brain protects players through its Responsible Gambling engine. Its powerful algorithm evaluates a player’s risk of developing into a problem gambler and assigns an appropriate rating so operators can step in well before the situation becomes harmful. There are many nuances when identifying problem gamblers, the building and implementations of Jada’s algorithms was guided by learnings from addiction case studies. 

Clients benefit from the machine learning features integrated in the Responsible Gambling engine, which is applied to markers of harm, to handle changing behaviour patterns and be even better placed. All data is anonymised to strictly adhere to data privacy policy laws. 

SBC: With new betting and gaming jurisdictions opening up, how important is it to get ahead of the curve in terms of safer gambling?

JTJ: Operators have a moral duty to provide customers with an entertaining and safe gaming experience, especially as more betting and gaming jurisdictions open up. Creating socially responsible experiences and protecting customers from the harms of addictive gambling should drive every operator’s decision-making process. 

Requirements change from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and affect areas like deposit limits, central self-exclusion mechanisms, session duration limits and client risk classification. It is important to have adaptive technology that enables operators to look ahead and keep in line with requirements without needing laborious tech updates.

SBC: Jada Gaming will be involved in the upcoming SBC Summit Barcelona – what are you most excited about the event?

JTJ: SBC Summit Barcelona is the ideal platform to showcase the release of our latest version of Jada. Over the past few months, we’ve been working tirelessly to enhance the AI solution with a focus on UX and building even more powerful algorithms. Both elements lend themselves to each other as the rich data the algorithm collates must be easily understood and visualised to allow partners to really benefit from the behaviour insights.

The Barcelona event also provides us an opportunity to reveal more about our casino game and sports betting recommendation algorithm. Considerable time has gone into building an algorithm to support partners in the US market and the Daily Fantasy Sports space. 

Here AI is being used to advise on player selection ahead of each week’s round of NFL games. Of course, we’re looking forward to speaking to our existing and future clients, it has been too long since the last live event!

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