Oren Cohen Shwartz: Betting on player experience to bring a higher margin

Delasport is on a fast track to achieving a global leader position within the betting and casino markets as it plans to make the brand name synonymous with the need for stand-out sports betting solutions.

Speaking to SBC News, Delasport’s newly appointed CEO Oren Cohen Shwartz discussed Delasport’s role within the global betting ecosystem, the vision for the company and what lies ahead. 

SBC: Tell us about the role of the sports betting and casino solution company at the end of 2021?

OCS: Whether it is a start-up operation or a successful casino operator that is looking to add a sports betting solution, the process always involves concerns. 

The role of a platform company, in a nutshell, is being a real partner and a successful enabler to the operator’s needs. The role changes throughout the partnership; initially, it is to listen to the partner’s needs carefully and tailor the solution accordingly.

Operators want to make sure that they choose the right partner, and it is not as easy as it seems. The operators need to compare apples to apples and to identify between truth and a fake sales pitch.

We gained a lot of hands-on experience in the past eleven years about Sport and Casino Players and what it takes to run a successful operation, and we used it to build not one but several solutions to meet our partner’s needs. We were blessed to have great partners that contributed to shaping these solutions. 

We have used big data to find usage and betting patterns, and we have a lot of personalisation attributes to allow ease of use. For example, finding the sports events players repeatedly bet on, dynamic bet limits, personalised recommendations, and many more.

We believe in genuine partnership, one that is built on trust, and it starts from the get-go with being transparent with our partners. We have high confidence in our solutions capabilities to fit the operator’s needs and ensure their success in their specific markets. 

We see it as our responsibility to present the supporting evidence in full transparency to allow the operator to make the right decision and resolve their concerns. 

SBC: What should operators look for when choosing a sports betting solution?  

OCS: Operators need to look for a trustworthy partner that can support their current needs. They need to assess whether this partner will value their business and continue to support them throughout their partnership. For example, entering additional markets or to develop specific functionalities for them. 

Online gaming and sports betting are fiercely competitive; therefore, Operators need to choose a solution that will allow them to compete effectively in different markets. At Delasport we take a player centric approach. 

We are thinking about the players, their actions and reactions in everything we do, and we perfect the user interface to give them maximum service at minimum friction. We have one of the most advanced sports betting interfaces in the industry. Even mobile devices allow smooth player navigation and elevate their experience through the many sports events and markets with smart categorisation, automation, and personalisation.  

Operators should not just look for Software but a partner with complete solutions and services. We have operators that came to us with zero knowledge in sports betting. Their need was not only for Software and technology but also for a partner that could comprehensively manage the sports vertical for them. 

They saw how confident we are about our product and services, they rely on us entirely, and we never fail; we allowed them to concentrate on promoting their brand and acquisition activities. In the beginning, it was challenging to gain this level of trust from new operators; however, over time, word spread about our solution capabilities, and our reputation grew in the industry.

Our solution is modular and flexible, and it allows us to accommodate exact needs. For example, we have operators that are asked to have a full do-it-yourself capability. We have supplied our complete Turnkey solution while operators asked only for an API SAAS solution in other cases.  

SBC: What is Delasport’s vision, and how does it correlate with your WE DELIVER slogan?

OCS: We are passionate about sport, and we deeply correlate it with sports values. We believe that  with hard work, excellence, discipline, passion, and professionalism, we will continue our journey to become a worldwide leader as an iGaming sports betting and casino platform provider. 

We’d like to build our reputation further to the extent that when people think of a sports betting solution, they will think about Delasport. We will really make it when people feel that if you want to run a successful Sports operation, you must pick the right Sports Solution like Delasport. We like to see our uniqueness with our deep knowledge and hands-on experience of players and operators alike. 

For the players, we have the vision to create a 360 personalised service environment. It is a work in progress, and we add more and more personalisation features through continuous learning of the player’s activities. 

We see ourselves not just as a Software provider but as a true partner that supports all the operator’s needs to succeed in competitive markets. Our platform and services are tuned to deliver to our partners a ready-made, powerful toolbox to run a successful operation.

We have coined the WE DELIVER… slogan to emphasise that we are not just offering the most comprehensive Sports Betting platform solutions and services, but we walk our talk and deliver it. We’ve put years of experience into our Platform and Services, and this is the origin to our confidence in ensuring our partners thrive.

SBC: You mention that Delasport is betting on the player experience; what does it mean effectively?

OCS: Keeping today’s sports betting and casino players engaged is a real challenge. There are many operators, and competition is harsh. Betting options increase while the player’s patient decreases. To meet this challenge, our sports and casino solution ensures that the players feel that they get value for their money, and I am not referring to betting prices or slots RTP but to the player experience. 

At Delasport, we create a better and better product by continuous learning of the Player’s activities. I cannot disclose much about our machine learning modules and AI applications as part of our IP. Still, by analysing players’ sessions, I can share that we managed to reveal deep insights into player behavior and offer personalised betting opportunities.

SBC: You have recently acquired the Romanian B2B license. Do you plan to enter more markets? What is your expansion strategy?

OCS: Operators understand that to thrive, they need to expand their business to more and more markets. We are expanding worldwide reach to accommodate our partner’s expansion strategy. We are moving at full speed with our global expansion.  We are in the process of obtaining additional B2B licenses for MGA, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Denmark, and states in the US.

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