Slotegrator automates decision making processes with BI Systems module

Slotegrator will enable its partners to automate business decision-making processes with the launch of a new ‘BI Systems’ module.

The module will “allow operators to quickly and efficiently handle business planning and optimisation” by aggregating and processing data from internal and external sources.

This data, Slotegrator explained, can then be interpreted “in a form convenient for business analysis”.

In a statement, Slotegrator said: “Operators need to move quickly and easily from point A to point B — from problem to solution. Slotegrator’s business intelligence module allows you to do exactly that. The system is simple and easy to use.

“It contains everything that igaming professionals need — BI system design with different data visualisation options, built-in tools, directions for the development of ideas and functions that are relevant to market trends, etc.”

Operators will also gain access to a range of “focused analytics” such as player preferences, gross gaming revenues as well as the numbers of both unique and active players.

With this information, operators can tailor their offerings to individual players – something that Slotegrator is confident will help increase player engagement and retention.

Slotegrator added: “Business intelligence is used for operational reporting — which, in manual mode, can take months. It also helps to solve the problems of optimization, planning and budgeting. Built-in tools allow you to predict demand, as well as increase or decrease the minimum amount of deposits.

“The BI module also lets operators take a step back and gain a broader perspective to make long-term strategies, increase the platform’s competitiveness, and stay ahead of trends.”

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