Sportradar debuts ORAKO all-in-one sportsbook solution

Sports betting technology provider Sportradar AG has confirmed the launch today of ‘ORAKO’ –  an all-in-one sportsbook solution for betting operators seeking to introduce sports wagering or enhance their existing offer. 

ORAKO comes packed with the technology, products and tools operators need to quickly launch and establish an omnichannel sports betting service for customers. It is, the firm added, also a useful tool for casino operators looking to generate new revenue by adding a sportsbook to work alongside their existing products. 

Jacob Lopez – Sportradar

Jacob Lopez Curciel, Managing Director for Managed Sportsbook Services at Sportradar said: “The sports betting industry is hyper competitive, growing at pace and offering more opportunities than ever to operators. With ORAKO, we can manage up to 100% of a sportsbook’s operation and alleviate their need to invest in additional technology and innovation, freeing the operator up to squarely focus on scaling their business and achieving growth.”

Featuring Sportradar’s betting portfolio, the all-in-one sportsbook solution is designed to meet the broad needs of an operator regardless of their stage in the business life cycle. Optimised for intense data loads and boasting advanced platform capabilities, as well as an industry leading sportsbook engine, ORAKO provides operators with the choice of a service fully managed by Sportradar. 

Alternatively, it offers an option that empowers operators to manage their own service using the solution’s advanced tools and technologies. 

With the ORAKO solution, operators choose how they build out their sportsbook and tailor their content in line with the interests and preferences of their customer base. In addition, said the firm, it delivers “unrivalled reliability and is capable of handling large numbers of bets at any one time”. 

This is particularly important, Sportradar advised, around high-profile sporting events when the number of bets placed escalates and operators need the security of a platform that can scale instantaneously without failing, knowing their business will not be impacted financially.

Furthermore, ORAKO includes the marketing services that operators need to improve business performance. Powered by Sportradar’s artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, ORAKO deploys deep customer insights to connect operators with a broad customer base, optimise marketing performance and deliver a personalised experience for bettors and fans.  

ORAKO is compatible with existing Player Account Management (PAM) systems and is pre-loaded with Sportradar’s third-party PAM partners. Compliant in all major jurisdictions including Africa, Europe, Latin America and North America, ORAKO provides global reach and supports operators’ safe entry into new and emerging markets following ISO 27001, ISO 20,000 and ISO 9001 standards.

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