Spotlight Sports Group: Navigating a complex sports betting ecosystem with BetTech

As the sports betting industry continues to grow and change, it can often be quite difficult to understand where each company ‘sits’ within the sector’s ecosystem. So in order to tackle this, Spotlight Sports Group recently launched its BetTech report

Speaking at the recent SBC Summit North America, Spotlight Sports Group’s Head of B2B Marketing, Alan Davis, shed some further insight on the report which aims to create “a holistic view of the sports betting technology ecosystem”, highlighting what it takes to create “the ultimate sportsbook”. 

He began: “We’re very happy with the report and visual that we have produced; we spent a fair few months pulling together. With what we’ve tried to achieve, I think we’ve done a very good job at producing a holistic view of the sports betting technology ecosystem and what it takes to create the ultimate sportsbook. 

“We’ve split the sector up into six key pillars and have worked through the industry to identify and bring a visual which is the first of its kind that people can use for a reference point. Those new to the industry can also understand where different companies sit, but can also show the areas where Spotlight Sports Group is a specialist.”

Davis continued by emphasising that with the speed at which the sports betting industry is evolving, we cannot yet say that the report is complete – and so in the future, Spotlight Sports Group hopes that there will be numerous iterations of the BetTech report in the future. 

He added: “It was always our intention for this to be an annual piece. Having now completed the first edition, we appreciate that generating a report such as this takes time so we are already planning our next edition for 2022. 

“The industry is moving at such a fast pace that I think it’s important to make regular updates to this report. But one of the great things about the BetTech report has been that it’s pretty viral. We’ve already had lots of lots of companies come to us, wanting to be included in the next edition.”

To watch the full interview and find out more about the BetTech report, click HERE

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