Steven Spartinos, Kiron Interactive: UK market is early adopter of new technologies

Kiron Interactive is one of the sponsors of this week’s Betting on Sport Europe 2022 at Twickenham Stadium, London, where its Co-CEO Steven Spartinos will be on site to discuss the company’s latest offerings. 

Ahead of the three-day conference and exhibition, we spoke to him about what he expects for the UK market, the event and his company’s new titles.

SBC: Ahead of another key Betting on Sports Europe event in London, how do you see the UK market and what do you make of its future prospects?

Steven Spartinos: The UK is a hugely important market for anybody wanting to take their business forward, not only in Europe but globally. Being one of the longest established regulated markets, it is also governed by one of the most robust sets of legislation, which promotes confidence for both players and operators. While there is a government review pending, we’re confident in the agility of the industry to step up to meet whatever challenges are presented in the upcoming revision. This kind of change is usually met with innovation and product evolution and we expect this to continue to be the case.

The UK market is also renowned as one which embraces new technologies and trends earlier than most, and with the addition of esports betting and live sporting events back in full swing, the market is projected to grow at an accelerated pace. Retail is also enjoying a resurgence following the last few years of enforced closures so this, alongside the ever-growing online sector, will continue to see growth. Whether it remains the continent’s largest market depends on who you ask with some predicting Germany to overtake it, but regardless of its exact ranking, it will always be an essential jurisdiction to trade in and BOSE will prove the perfect platform to learn more.

SBC: You’ll be representing a burgeoning vertical with Kiron’s portfolio in London this week. How has it transformed into the opportunity-rich sector that you’ll be speaking to attendees about? 

SS: Virtual sports betting has grown exponentially in the last two years and now comfortably sits in its own vertical, rather than simply being an accessory to live sports. Kiron has one of the largest game portfolios in the industry, offering more choice and selection of game styles for diverse audiences. The demand is such that we’re launching a trio of new products this month that I’ll be keen to discuss in London.

Virtual sports events are available 24/7 and offer fast-paced, high-frequency entertainment, whilst delivering all the familiar betting markets. Also, in keeping with modern entertainment standards, our in-house animation studio allows us to ensure our presentation is of the highest quality – in a world of high-end, powerful devices putting out sharp and fast-moving content, anything else just wouldn’t suffice. What we’re delighted to be announcing this month makes the most of the demand for this new style of content that’s proving so popular now.

SBC: Do you think these types of products and this demand for fast-paced, high-frequency play improve the prospects for cross-selling? Will this be prevalent in the UK particularly?

SS: I do. Millennials and Gen Z increasingly look for high-intensity play, across gaming verticals and virtual sports fulfil both of these aspects. Those coming into the industry free of the penchant for legacy products are naturally more predisposed to the style of play that virtual sports offer. 

As a consequence, I think the opportunity for cross-selling has certainly increased, amplified by the impact of Covid, which has forced the hand of some to try different products and has opened up a whole new array of entertainment that many may not have previously considered.

Virtual sports content fits that bill perfectly. It appeals to a cross-section of demographics, offering more traditional betting markets, but with a modern presentation and turnaround. Omni-channel solutions are also available, meeting a variety of betting habits and preferred betting platforms so it couldn’t be better placed and I’m looking forward to explaining more at Twickenham this week. 


The Betting on Sports Europe conference and exhibition takes place at Twickenham Stadium, London on 7-9 June 2022, and features an agenda that looks at industry leadership issues, the next generation of technology, payments systems, how to improve player protection, the opportunities created by the FIFA World Cup, the latest developments in regulation, marketing strategies, and the potential of the esports betting market.

Full event information, including details of how to attend, is available at the


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