Trade like a tier 1: Why sportsbooks are switching to LSports’ STM

Bookmakers switching to LSports STM will never have to calculate their odds or margins, and never experience their most painful problem – downtime. 

We spoke to Yoav Ziv, VP Sales and Business Development at LSports and, to find out more about how the automated trading tool has eliminated ‘tedious’ actions associated with sportsbook management, giving bookmakers the most control possible over their business in a way that no manual work ever could.

SBC: For those of our readers who don’t know, can you tell us a little bit about STM?

YZ: Sure. For starters, STM stands for Sports Trading Manager. It serves as a fully automated trading tool, allowing you to trade using the most accurate data in the industry and to avoid downtimes. 

It’s full of unique and crucial features like trading templates, personalised trading floor, odds ladders, manual suspensions, margin selection, and more. Of course, it’s built around our enormous data feed. 

We offer the most accurate coverage in the business, with over 60 different sports and a monthly average of 150K pre-match and 75K in-play events, all supplied at the lowest latency possible. In short, the STM is simply a must for bookmakers. 

SBC: How is LSports’ STM offering a ‘fresh take’ on sports trading? And what benefits can this bring for sportsbooks?

YZ: Automation is key. We’ve known that for a while and the market is finally starting to catch up. STM automates all of the tedious actions involving sportsbook management. It was developed in order to help bookmakers minimise their costs and effort, this product enables them to get the most control possible over their business in a way that no manual work can.

Bookmakers will never have to calculate their odds or margins again, they will never experience their most painful problem, downtime. Every feature we add or improve is driven by our clients best interests and latest technologies

SBC: How many clients have you onboarded so far? And what are your expectations for building that out in the next 12 months?

YZ: We’ve got a few dozens right now with plenty more joining soon. I think the product pretty much sells itself, many of our existing customers are already in the process of transitioning to it after excellent testing phases. In my opinion, a year from now most if not all of our clients will use the STM.

SBC: When it comes to minimising risk, how important has smart automation been?

YZ: Extremely. It doesn’t take an expert to know that technology is key to success. Thanks to automation, bookmakers will never experience their worst problems ever again. 

The STM is built with variable safe nets to ensure 100% prevention of downtime, constant updates of competitive odds, completely avoid bet slip rejections thanks to odds ladders and so much more. 

SBC: STM enables sportsbooks to automatically suspend odds following selected competitors – can you go into a bit more detail about this?

YZ: Our systems are based on AI and machine learning algorithms. We allow our customers to trade like the tier 1 operators worldwide and will suspend their odds automatically when the majority of them do so, in order to protect them.

SBC: And finally, from a sales perspective how helpful will the success of other products such as BetBooster be to selling this sports trading service?

YZ: Customers that use BetBooster and other AI and CV-based products we provide appreciate the advanced technologies LSports provides them with. 

They gain more trust in the company’s suite of products and are more than willing to explore other unique technologies that will assist them in automating their day-to-day tasks and maximise their turnover, exactly what the STM is built for.

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