Triggy: focus will continue to be on relevance and simplicity

Christer Larsson, Chief Business Development Officer at Triggy, outlines the main ways in which sportsbooks can best tailor the betting experience for players before explaining how Triggy’s suite of products can help do this.

Keep it simple!

Well, that should probably be the mantra for most sportsbook operators out there. And some of them are trying. There is a constant discussion between operations-, marketing- and product specialists in how to improve user experience. We have “Bet boosts,” “Recommended bets,” “Highlighted events” and the most popular markets are visualised in different shapes and forms. Now it is time to personalise and tailor the start pages on web and mobile to suit the needs of each bettor. Making preferred sports, markets, and bets easily accessible.

Ok, I have used a few sportsbooks and placed my fair share of bets on them for some time. Bets on soccer, NFL and occasionally on our four-legged friends. Well, I must admit, looking at my betting Excel sheet, there might be a couple of bet slips with golf, and even some winter sports during the Olympics. I really enjoy making prop bets on NFL and I have placed bets on TD-scorers, rushing-, receiving- and passing yards. What I have not done is to place a single bet on tennis or esports. I have not even looked at the shiny “Gonzo’s Quest” banner or “live roulette” accessible a couple of clicks away.

Do you know me?

The sportsbooks have access to all my ticket data, they know exactly who I am, and they have put a predicted lifetime value on my head. With all that knowledge, it is extremely hard to understand why operators continue to push me to make tennis bets or play the roulette. Of course, I understand why they want to cross sell to casinos, but that is not the point here. I just ask why they think I would change my mind after eight years as a customer?

If they want a higher wallet share and more attention from me, they should put relevant content in front of me. It would be hard to resist making a boosted bet on Aaron Donald sacking Joe Burrow in the Superbowl.

Be relevant!

I remember speaking to Lee Fenton (CEO Bally’s, former Gamesys) in London back in 2016, planning to launch a new sportsbook in the UK. Lee is a man with visions, and in the preliminary stages there were discussions about how cool it would be to deploy a mobile betting app with just one or two games visible at the start page. This is an interesting prospect, and I would like to be served with odds and content on the games I am most likely to bet on, or interested in.


Triggy’s context aware products can easily be integrated directly in other apps, platforms and websites through Plug-In widgets and APIs or available as standalone branded live score apps. We also produce widgets for affiliates and traditional media outlets to provide dynamic, context aware banners for higher conversion through increased relevance. It’s a simple proposition: We deliver the right content, at the right time for users by connecting stats, odds, and user preferences.

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