San Manuel Casino: Launching The First Phase of Expansion Project

There is news from San Manuel Casino related to its new expansion plan. This project includes opening three bars, three luxury shops of retailing, and two new gaming space floors. This initial expansion phase has been launched on July 24, 2021. Moreover, the San Manuel Casino has opened its new restaurant that will remain open 24/7, names Serrano Vista Cafe. Its grand opening took place on August 2, 2021.

The Second Phase of Expansion

Furthermore, in the second phase, they plan to convert it into a resort that will contain spa, dining, and pools. In the third phase, they will introduce live entertainment in the casino. This expansion has taken place because the owners want to make San Manuel Casino one of the top casinos in California. People love this casino, and millions of visitors come there. The general manager of San Manuel Casino, Acero, says they succeed in attracting almost 13 million visitors per year. Therefore, it is the second most visited casino in California. Disneyland comes on the top of the list. In addition, they will be able to attract more visitors by launching these three expansion projects.

What Are The Expansion Details?

A new resort consisting of 432 rooms and 17 floors is about to complete. They will open it for the visitors at the end of this year. Further, they are planning to make to new theatre consisting of 3000 seats till 2022.  In the new expansion plan, the gamers can enjoy more than 6500 slots in San Manuel Casino since there is an addition of 1500 new slots. There are new shops, 400 new casino table games, a fifth high limit room, and three new bars.

San Manuel Casino
San Manuel Casino Project

The New Lounge Facility in San Manuel Casino

Acero says that we have focused on what we have and we want to give more facilities to the visitors in San Manuel Casino. We did not have the facility of lounges previously. The three new bars provide the facility of the lounge to the visitors. They have some special sodas, sodas for non-alcoholic visitors, and signature cocktails. The Overlook Bar is located in the center of the casino to facilitate the guests in the heart of the casino. The Aces Bar is on the first floor, and the Deuces Bar is on the second floor. After the first expansion project, the Overlook Bar will present the casino on one side and an elevated view of the hotel lobby on the other side.

All three bars have a signature cocktail that is theatrical, amazing, and unique. Moreover, in the Overlook Bra, the guests can enjoy Haley’s Comet featuring tequila. This tasty cocktail contains fresh strawberry and lime juice. Further, it is decorated with a berry smoke bubble bursting into a wispy cloud tableside. Acero says that these amazing cocktails and drinks will take you to the next world.

San Manuel Casino
Expansion in the San Manuel Casino

The Retail Facility For The Visitors in San Manuel Casino

Along with the lounges, the San Manuel Casino has decided to provide a retail facility to its guests. So a new men’s shop is open now as per the desires of the guests. This men’s shop provides branded luxury items like sunglasses, clothing, sportswear, watches, and many more items. Also, it provides the facility of a shoeshine station that is more than a gift for ladies. Moreover, the three luxury shops are Hers, His, and Cash and Carry. Cash and Carry casino offers travel and tech accessories and high-end luggage.

For sandwiches and steaks lovers, Serrano Vista Café is the best place. The guest likes to enjoy Pho’rench dip and grilled cheese and tomato soup. They have amazing, traditional, and exotic tastes. Acero says that the milkshakes of the café will become a restaurant’s signature due to their wonderful tastes. In addition, the shakes of shield date are a perfect mixture of chocolate and dates. This tasty milkshake is decorated with a chocolate slice covered with bacon. In short, it is an amazing balance of sweetness for the guests.

In short, San Manuel Casino is going to be the best casino in California due to its successful planning of the expansion projects. It is a proud moment for this casino where the other casinos like SkyCity Adelaide Casino have been closed down in this pandemic period.

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