Two Deadwood casinos operators agree to fines

Two Deadwood casinos were found violating the laws of the state of South Dakota and the gaming commission will thus decide this coming Wednesday to accept the fines they have agreed to give.

The operators and the attorney of two Deadwood casinos have accepted the charges against them without any further dragging of their case and have admitted to their wrongdoings in a written agreement with the concerned authorities.

Upon pleading guilty and being ready to pay the charges, they could face no further hearing in the court unless the commission rejects their written agreement.

The charge against them is on how they let an underage person play the wheel of fortune game, the employee was aware of this but he let him play. The Deadwood casinos thus has agreed to pay $2500 for the crime they committed on the 1st of August.

This is a serious breach of the laws of the state because it states you have to be at least 21 years old to be able to gamble and if a casino allows this then it may result in one year jail and/or a fine of $2000 or more. In a more severe case, the license of the casino can be revoked.

This is one of the prime reasons Deadwood casinos didn’t want to pursue this case any further and wanted to end the fiasco so the severe punishments are avoided, like losing their license.

This was the statement of the Deadwood casinos on the incident:

“On the night in question, our video surveillance discloses that a 20-year-old female, in the company of her parents, pulled the level or pushed the button on a Wheel of Fortune slot machine 3 times. Her parents can be seen encouraging her to pull the lever or push the button, in spite of the clear warnings affixed to the machine that says, ‘Must be 21 to play.’ It just happened that our supervisor that evening was not in the room at the time.”

The rules are so tough, that despite the encouragement of the parents, and just a mere lever pushing; a casino is under a criminal charge.

In the past according to Deadwood casinos;

Our aim to prevent underage gaming is our top priority. We have previously caught underage players and self-reported them. Unfortunately, on this particular evening this teenager slipped through our supervision efforts with the help of her parents.

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