What is strapper in horse racing? The ultimate guide

Horse racing is a popular sport around the world. It is a sport that is played in many countries around the world including India, Pakistan, USA, UK etc. Horse racing is considered to be one of the oldest games in the history of mankind. It is really a game of nerves. It was during the eighteenth century that horse racing started flourishing across the globe. The original concept behind this game has gone under no change. It is still the same even after hundreds of years. Initially it was a speed/stamina competition between two or more horses. The horse that would manage to beat other horses in terms of speed and stamina would be regarded as the winner and the horse owner would be provided with a prize money. Horse owners would invest a huge amount of money buying their horses good food and taking care of them, making them fit and healthy for the race, hoping to win. The prize money would mainly be the element of motivation amongst the masses. Every time the organizers made an announcement regarding a horse race, horse owners would buckle up, train their horses, and used to give them quality food to make them win the race. There are many types of horse racing and one of them is known as the Warhorse gaming. On the other hand, there is a type of horse racing that is called handicap horse racing. It is because in this race, the weights that are tied to the horse during the race are adjusted according to the age of the horse. If a horse is too old, not so heavy weights are tied to it. However, if a horse is young and energetic, standard weights are tied to that horse and the horse competes in the race with those weights. Other types include jump racing, flat racing, saddle trot racing, endurance racing, and harness racing etc.  Among all these various types, flat racing is among the most common types. It is played in an oval racing field that is usually flat. In horse racing, not every breed is allowed to participate in the horse. There are certain breeds of horse that are not granted permission to take part in the race and that is determined on a number of factors. It is worth noting that only thoroughbred horses are allowed to compete in the race. This was just a bit regarding the background of horse racing and that is not the sole reason you are here. Just like you read the title of this article, what is strapper in horse racing? What this word “strapper” has to do with horse racing and how is it related with horse racing? These are some of the most common questions that arise in the minds of the readers but worry not as we will soon be answering all these questions and clearing out your queries. So let’s get started.

What is strapper in horse racing
Horse racing is a popular sport and is played in a number of countries around the world.

What is Strapper in horse racing?

Coming back to the main question, what is strapper in horse racing. Let’s dive a bit deep into the discussion and find out what a strapper has to do with horse racing or how is it associated with horse racing.

In simple words, a strapper is a person who is responsible to take care of  one or more horses. Strappers are people whose duty is to look after horse inside the stable before and on the race day. Depending upon their duty, their responsibilities vary. Some Strappers are just required to look after the horses and keep their area clean. Other Strappers might have more responsibilities such as brushing the horses, giving them food from time to time, cleaning the stable, and taking care of the race track etc.

Role of a Strapper?

As you now have the answer to the question, what is strapper in horse racing. It is now important that we dig deeper and find out the role of a strapper. It is significant that we know what is basically the job of a Strapper, what are the responsibilities of a Strapper, and how much are they paid.

The basic job of a Strapper is to look after the horses. The duties of a Strapper can range from just looking after the horses to taking care of their daily diet and grooming etc. Generally, a Strapper is paid a daily wage. They are usually paid around $20.22 per hour and this amount might be increased depending upon the experience and expertise of the Strapper. It should also be noted that Strappers should have a sound knowledge regarding different breeds of horses. They should know how to treat and look after different horses because obviously there are no universal techniques that can be applied to every horse and therefore, proper knowledge and qualification is necessary. Moreover, Strappers are responsible to prepare horses for the race. They make sure all the horses that they have to take care of are physically fit and healthy. Taking care of the horses’ daily diet is also something very crucial because if horses are not given quality food prior to the race, they might not perform well and their energy levels might not be as high as you are expecting it to be.

Furthermore, making sure that the entire stable is perfectly clean, free of of bad odor and no horse waste to  be seen on the stable floor is another major responsibility of a Strapper. Strappers have to ensure proper cleaning of the stable. In addition, some Strappers are also responsible for the grooming of the horses. They have to make sure all the horses are neat and tidy and their hair properly brushed. Parading and Saddling are other duties of a Strapper to take care of not only on the race day but also before that to ensure the horses’ physical well being. In order to perform exceptionally well, physical exercise is rudimentary for all the horses that take part in the race.

The job of a Strapper is not as easy as it seems like. Their day often begins at 3 in the morning. They have to check all the horses to see how well they are after spending the night in the stable. Additionally, Strappers also have to feed all the horses on time. Taking care of the timing is very important as feeding horses on wrong timings will lead to a number of health issues and that is a matter of serious concern. Many experienced Strappers suggest you learn enough about the job of a Strapper before deciding if this is the job you really want or not.


What is Strapper in horse racing? The answer to this question is quite simple just like we have discussed it above. A Strapper is a person who is responsible for horses’ day-to-day activities. Their job is to basically take care of the horses. Saddling horses for track-work is another important responsibility of a Strapper. It is a tough job that requires expertise, experience, and sufficient knowledge regarding horses. Not only does a Strapper has to know about the right kinds of food for the horses, they also should have knowledge about certain medications that they might have treat the horses with incase the horses develop a medical condition. It is not just a job but a lifestyle. In the initial years, Strappers find it very difficult keeping up with all the horses, waking up early, feeding all the horses on time, taking care of their diet, and grooming them from time to time. It is not an easy job and requires hard work, passion, and dedication. In short, knowing in detail about the job of a Strapper is essential for beginners as they might not want to carry on with this job in the long run mainly because of all the hard work and responsibilities this job is associated with.

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