Crown Casino Crimes: Sued by a Man for Violating Him

The Crown Casino crimes are increasing each day and a new set of events have given a new set of blows to Australia’s famous casino, a man (Ahmed Hasna) claims that the casino was using his addiction for the roulette table to earn money from him, which is strictly against the ethical boundaries the casinos have to obey according to law.

The attorneys of the man who has alleged Crown Casinos have given documented proofs of Ahmed visiting the casino for more than 25 years from 1993 till 2019 and how he was taken advantage of.

Hasna racked up considerable losses, and people close to him tried to convince casino staff to ban him from gambling. Hasna’s mother, the litigation claims, even went to the casino twice pleading with staff to prevent her son from gambling away all of the family’s money.

According to Hasna’s lawsuit, Crown ignored her mother’s pleas and continued to grant him access. The casino finally barred him in December of 2020 but they had already committed the crimes that we call the crime casino crimes.

The Challenge

The evidence in the lawsuit presented by the lawyer of Ahmed of the crown casino crimes is backed by evidence of many years and it is very solid and not one of those taking advantage of the situation, it is a genuine case.

They say their client was admitted to Crown Melbourne’s exclusive VIP Mahogany Room despite losing AU$100,000 (US$73,400) in chips purchased with a cheque that later bounced.

“Hasna was also enticed to Crown Melbourne with complimentary Phil Collins tickets on another occasion. While stopping by the casino to retrieve them, he lost AU$30,000 on the roulette tables. Crown Melbourne also provided Hasna with seats to the 2017 AFL Grand Final. Crown revoked the Australian soccer match passes when Hasna was seen trying to resell them.”

To pay off the debts Ahmed Hasna’s family had to sell his sister’s beach home in New South Wales which was a tough time for the family and it resulted in a tough situation in the home of Ahmed Hasna. This is the reason that the relationship between Ahmed and his parents hasn’t been mended to this day.

Ahmed has brought a lot of discipline in his life after taking consultation from professionals he is finally off being a problematic gambler and has reconciled with his kids and wife after being a victim of the Crown Casino crimes.

The lawsuit that Hasna has proposed is word AU$4,593,00 or US$3.37 million in damges.

Crown’s Answer

The Crown Casinos are under a lot of pressure and scrutiny. There is an inquiry going on and there have been a lot of shortcomings found in regards to following the basic guideline set by the government of Australia but the major concern is how they are alleged to be linked with money laundering and having ties with organized crimes in Asia.

A comparable investigation in New South Wales determined that Crown is not eligible to operate casinos at its Sydney resort complex. The verdict in Victoria is expected to be delivered by October 15.

Peter Lawrence who is the head of the customer service at Crown Casinos has stated:

“It was reckless.” Lawrence responded, “Yes.” When questioned if it was predatory, he said, “Yes.” It’s a harsh word, but perhaps, yes.”

Despite the strong evidence provided to the court and the confession of the Crown Casino’s customer service, the case of Hasna is not going to win him any money according to the ruling of the Australian High Court during in 2013 ” The responsibility, doesn’t lie on the shoulders of the casino to protect gamblers from themselves.”

But the rules also state that they can’t take advantage of the behavior that Ahmed was doing and there are some ethical boundaries.







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